About J

In my element at the Winter Classic
Let me share a few things about myself: I grew up in northern lower Michigan, so I appreciate a good snowfall, enjoy snowshoeing and can actually handle driving in snow (trust me, not a skill most Michiganians south of Saginaw have!). I am the sports-loving tomboy half of this blog’s founding contributors. I am a sports nut with a hockey concentration that will one day live the dream behind the scenes in the show.

I am also a proud Michiganian and will be sad when the day comes that I have to leave my home state to pursue my dreams (the sports industry is small, so it is bound to happen!). However, I will display my Mitten Pride wherever I go, and I will gladly share my experiences living and working in the gritty Motor City. Despite what the media tells you and shows you, Detroit is an amazing place and I am glad to have the pleasure to live and work in this city.

Now that I have had closed the chapter on my undergraduate career (as of May!), I am more than ready to shed the college student moniker and fully embrace the young professional title.

With the new title comes new experiences to share with you, which is one of my personal goals as a young professional and a young adult. While a lot has changed in the past two years, this blog has continually been an outlet to interact with like-minded individuals across the Web. I am as excited for you to learn about me as I am to learn about you.

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