About E

Who am I? It depends on who you ask. I'm a friend, a daughter, a granddaughter, that girl from church, a big sister, an annoying little cousin who asks too many questions (despite the fact that I'm in my twenties, I'll never shake it). I'm an overachiever, a type-A personality, and workaholic. I'm a stickler for grammar who also happens to love a good run-on sentence (they're gems if done right). I'm a lover of ambitious and articulate people. I'm the girl who's opinionated when she shouldn't be. I'm an overspending millennial. I'm a bordeaux-hued lipstick addict in the winter, a Kate Spade pink-hued lipstick addict in the summer. I'm a college graduate (scary) but a firm believer in the importance of unceasing learning. I'm fiercely competitive. I'm uncomfortable in more social situations than I would like to admit. I'm a lot terrible at speaking Arabic, only a little terrible at French, and fortunately, fluent in English. I'm an Oxford Comma junkie (yes, I'm a believer). I'm a newly-minted supporter of the French surrealist movement. I'm the kind of person who adamantly believes Jackson Pollock's splatter technique actually takes skill. 

I'm all of these things, but above all, I'm a writer. I like to communicate with the words you see, not the words you hear. But, I also believe if you have a distinct writing "voice," you can hear the words you see. And I like to do that on the Internet, because then, a diverse group of people gets to hear me, and I get to hear them back. 

And almost on the same plane as "Elise the writer" is "Elise the burgeoning young professional," which is forever weird to me because sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and see a 12-year-old girl. 

And as a young professional, my goal here is to connect with you, our readers: college students, future or new or current professionals, or people I've (lovingly) coaxed into reading what I have to say. We can all learn from one another and grow as a network, and I hope to provide you with gems of advice and my story on this blog. From now on, we're in this journey together, and I can't wait to share my foray into the working world with you. 

Oh, yeah, in case you haven't gotten enough of me yet: Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn