Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ten Reasons to #LoveSummer
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I'm a cold-weather kid, and once a cold-weather kid, always a cold-weather kid. However, I do enjoy summer luxuries during the warmer months. Growing up on the 45th parallel, my standards are mild temperatures (mid-70s fahrenheit), spending time on the lake and enjoying the great outdoors.

The concrete jungle has fostered my appreciation for all of the above, and all of the below. Here's a list of the things I enjoy during the warmest months:
  1. Bonfires: On the beach, in the woods, next to the river or in someone's backyard, bonfires are my favorite summer activity.
  2. Food: C'mon, you know there's nothing like a charcoal-grilled burger and Lays potato chips. And I can't go without at least one s'more or campfire-roasted hotdog. Oh yeah, and nothing says summer like fresh-squeezed lemonade.
  3. Camping: This one can be iffy. But with the right people and proper weather, there's nothing like a long weekend roughing it in the wilderness or not-so-wilderness (glamping, anyone?).
  4. Water: Growing up surrounded by some of the world's largest bodies of fresh water has really spoiled me. Summer days spent bobbing down the river in an inner tube or cruising the lake on the boat can't be beat. 
  5. Nature: One of the things I miss the most about Up North is nature. There's nothing like waking up to birds chirping or catching a glimpse of deer in your backyard. Going home or spending time at a friend's house in the 'burbs is always a welcome mini-vacay.
  6. Outdoor Activities: Being cooped up in the city has really made me appreciate outdoor activities. The simple things make a girl happy: a game of beach volleyball with friends, a pick-up game of street hockey with the neighbors, a round of horseshoes with my uncle or walking to the beach for a quick swim. This year, I'm doing a lot of hiking (hello, Rockies!).
  7. Sun: A little vitamin D does the body good! Of course, wear sunscreen. And don't give me that I-won't-tan bullshit. Wear sunscreen properly and you'll tan right through it. That's my summer PSA.
  8. Cruising: There's nothing like cruising a country road or highway while bumping a great playlist with the windows down.
  9. Boys of Summer: As a sports nut, there's nothing like spending the day at the ballpark--pro or amateur. 
  10. Concerts: Last but definitely not least: concerts. Outdoor music festivals are the best excuse to enjoy the weather and mingle with like-minded people. My summertime go-to gig is Rockstar's annual Mayhem Fest. Please mosh responsibly. 
These are just a few reasons to #LoveSummer.

What are yours? Let us know, by tweeting us (with #LoveSummer).

Until next time...

- J

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