Wednesday, July 23, 2014

PRactical: How to Leverage Your Press Release by Using Social Media

For those of you already in the field, you may be wondering what the best ways to leverage your press releases are. As the millennial generation, social media is usually the answer. Below, in a special edition of PRactical, are a few tips on how to best do this....

Sharing a press release and gaining traction when promoting a new product, service or an entire brand is no longer limited to traditional advertising and marketing methods. Instead of using print and local advertising, leveraging your press release and promoting a new message or brand is now possible with the use of social media. Understanding how to leverage your press release by using social media is a way to gather additional attention while gaining followers and online fans who are interested in the products, services or content you have to offer.

Social Media Press Release Tactics
Understand Your Message

Before you begin promoting press releases on social media it is important to understand your message and what you want to say to potential clients and customers. Having a clear message in mind is the best way to focus and prepare to share your press release with social media.
Create an Inviting and Exciting Headline
Create an inviting and interesting headline using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and even Tumblr to help with sharing your press release with as many followers as possible.
Ask for Participation

Within your tagline or the content you post on social media linking to your press release, be sure to ask for comments, opinions and audience participation. The more users who comment on a post you have shared, the more likely it is for the post to be viewed by other fans and followers of your page and brand itself.
Link to Your Official Website

Link to your official website when sharing a press release for your brand with social media. Not only are you more likely to gain more visitors and page views to your site, but it also helps with increasing your website's overall search engine ranking and visibility.

Update Social Media Pages Consistently

Although you are sharing a press release for your brand, updating social media pages consistently otherwise is necessary to gain traction and to keep the interest of users and potential customers who are invested in your business.

Understanding how to effectively put social media to use when sharing press releases is one of the best ways to reach an intended audience or demographic, regardless of the industry you are representing or promoting. Sharing press releases properly is not only a way for you to gain more interest in your brand altogether, but it is also a method of building a professional name and image for yourself online.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ten Reasons to #LoveSummer
Instagram: @jrgrotto
I'm a cold-weather kid, and once a cold-weather kid, always a cold-weather kid. However, I do enjoy summer luxuries during the warmer months. Growing up on the 45th parallel, my standards are mild temperatures (mid-70s fahrenheit), spending time on the lake and enjoying the great outdoors.

The concrete jungle has fostered my appreciation for all of the above, and all of the below. Here's a list of the things I enjoy during the warmest months:
  1. Bonfires: On the beach, in the woods, next to the river or in someone's backyard, bonfires are my favorite summer activity.
  2. Food: C'mon, you know there's nothing like a charcoal-grilled burger and Lays potato chips. And I can't go without at least one s'more or campfire-roasted hotdog. Oh yeah, and nothing says summer like fresh-squeezed lemonade.
  3. Camping: This one can be iffy. But with the right people and proper weather, there's nothing like a long weekend roughing it in the wilderness or not-so-wilderness (glamping, anyone?).
  4. Water: Growing up surrounded by some of the world's largest bodies of fresh water has really spoiled me. Summer days spent bobbing down the river in an inner tube or cruising the lake on the boat can't be beat. 
  5. Nature: One of the things I miss the most about Up North is nature. There's nothing like waking up to birds chirping or catching a glimpse of deer in your backyard. Going home or spending time at a friend's house in the 'burbs is always a welcome mini-vacay.
  6. Outdoor Activities: Being cooped up in the city has really made me appreciate outdoor activities. The simple things make a girl happy: a game of beach volleyball with friends, a pick-up game of street hockey with the neighbors, a round of horseshoes with my uncle or walking to the beach for a quick swim. This year, I'm doing a lot of hiking (hello, Rockies!).
  7. Sun: A little vitamin D does the body good! Of course, wear sunscreen. And don't give me that I-won't-tan bullshit. Wear sunscreen properly and you'll tan right through it. That's my summer PSA.
  8. Cruising: There's nothing like cruising a country road or highway while bumping a great playlist with the windows down.
  9. Boys of Summer: As a sports nut, there's nothing like spending the day at the ballpark--pro or amateur. 
  10. Concerts: Last but definitely not least: concerts. Outdoor music festivals are the best excuse to enjoy the weather and mingle with like-minded people. My summertime go-to gig is Rockstar's annual Mayhem Fest. Please mosh responsibly. 
These are just a few reasons to #LoveSummer.

What are yours? Let us know, by tweeting us (with #LoveSummer).

Until next time...

- J

Monday, July 14, 2014

Constructive Distraction: Google Drive

Procrastination doesn't have to be a total waste of time—check out some of the web's most constructive gems: educational blogs, career-focused news sites, the latest web tools, etc. These distractions make procrastinating time well spent.
Let's talk about Google Drive. One of many useful tools in the Google suite. As a matter of fact, Elise and I share docs via Google Drive and I upload most of the things I need for work through Drive. Drive allows me to access files at and away from the office (and working from my personal laptop).

Whether you're blogging, writing a paper or making a spreadsheet, Drive is a handy tool to know how to use. Next time you have some free time, setup your Drive and start fiddling with the features. You never know who you might impress when you send them a Google doc invite instead of an attached Word doc.

Until next month!

Your Girls Under PRessure

Monday, July 7, 2014

Down The Hobbit Hole: Feels Like the Very First Time

Down the Hobbit Hole is a monthly segment penned by Maura, a senior at Michigan State University, finishing her undergraduate degree in English. She's also a lover of cats, great literature and Bruce Springsteen. Life's an adventure and remember: "Not all those who wander are lost."

A lot of time these past couple months has been spent soul-searching. I constantly get the question of what I’m going to do with my life now that I’ve graduated, and since I have roughly a million ideas running through my mind about what I want to do, I figured it was time to really sort those out. In doing that, I came to the realization that all my posts on this blog have been about one thing: identity. I’ve talked about what defines me (or what I want to define me, anyways), about finding a place to fit in, and then becoming part of the larger world. This is because I think identity is important.

Most days, I find myself stuck in a routine. Or at least, I did when I was still in school. I would wake up, go to class, and regret not eating breakfast. Then, I would head to the library, grab food, study, and head to my next class. When I came home at night, I would juggle making dinner, doing homework, and cleaning the apartment. I fell into a depression because I never really did anything for myself, so this summer, I decided it was all about me. I took a job as a nanny with minimal work (but awesome pay) so I could focus on myself.

That’s when I came to another important realization. In telling you all about my life, I left out two of the biggest identifiers: reading and writing. (When I say it like that—reading and writing—I always feel like I’m in elementary school and I’m telling my parents about my favorite subjects.) I’ve always loved to read, and I’ve always loved to write. In fact, I’m actually mourning the loss of writing essays now that I’ve graduated. It didn’t always occur to me, though, that my life revolved around these two things, and that if I had my way, I’d build career around them.

So I guess I owe you a story:

Like I mentioned before, I’ve always loved to read and write. I participated in the summer reading programs put on by the library, and I always dabbled with stories that went unfinished after a paragraph (I’ve finally started a real novel, and I’m determined to finish it this time). But growing up, it never hit me that that could be someone’s job. I wanted to be a vet, a teacher, a nurse, and a psychologist. At one point, I even wanted to be a farmer; I even went as far as thinking about checking out a book from the library about how to be a farmer.

It wasn’t until 11th grade, when I started writing fanfics, that I realized I would be content if I could spend the rest of my life writing. (Obviously not fanfics.) During that time, I was a peer mentor—basically a teacher’s aide—for the coolest teacher in the school, and when he asked me what I wanted to do, I answered without even hesitating: I wanted to do something that involved writing. He suggested that I read On Writing by Stephen King.

I have fallen in love with many characters, cried over many. I have lived so many lives in the various works I've read and studied, but none of them have ever hit me like King's memoir. On Writing was the single most inspiring book I have ever read.

So why am I telling you all of this? I guess it’s because, after looking back on that moment, it’s when I realized how I want to spend the rest of my life. When I think about writing, when I have a lack of inspiration and the words just won’t come out, I think about the day, when a certain teacher told me to read a certain book. And then I feel inspired all over again.

That’s when I know I will get there someday.


Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Independence Day!

From everyone at Under PRessure: happy birthday, America!

We hope everyone is enjoying the extended weekend, soaking up some sun and safely celebrating the birth of our great nation!


E & J

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy Canada Day!

From everyone here at Under PRessure, Happy Canada Day! Whether you already cellied or are cellying this weekend, have fun and be safe!


E & J