Monday, June 30, 2014

Hire Me: The Honest Cover Letter

The job hunt is a daunting thing. There is so much you want to say to a prospective employer in your cover letter or email that you really can't. So, in honor of that, I decided to write a slightly humorous but also slightly serious account of what I would absolutely love for the companies and magazines and agencies I adore to know. Eva Chen and Amy Astley, this is for you. Xo, Elise

Hi, my name is Elise. I would love a job. Preferably one that plays into the English degree I worked tirelessly to earn, one that allows me to call on skills from the editorial and public relations internships I've had and loved, and one that challenges me and helps me grow all of the writing, analyzing, research, public relations and event planning skills I have worked to refine through those numerous internships.

I’m not perfect. I know that for certain. I’m excellent at what I do, and I’ll send you my portfolio to prove it. I’ll send you recommendations to prove it. I'll fly to New York and interview to prove it. But please know that I’m young and I’m still learning. Don’t let that deter you, though. These are assets.

I didn’t go to a school that specializes in fashion or creative work. I didn’t go to a top name university either. I’m okay with that. I have learned more about myself and about writing and persevering and hustling than I would have anywhere else. They gave me what I needed for myself and what I need to be your perfect new hire.

But there is something special I can promise you. Something that I hope you value and take into consideration. I will eat, sleep, live and breathe your brand. Don't be surprised (or a touch creeped out) if that's something I already do--looking at you Lucky and Teen Vogue. I will move mountains to make things happen for you. I will write until words run dry, make endless phone calls, make labels, mail envelopes, fetch you coffee. And I will do it better than anyone else because when I’m a part of your company--a part of your team--I’m entirely there. I’m there to help you. To grow your brand. To make things happen. To carry out your vision.

All I really want is to work hard and to write and to communicate and to build brands because that’s what I do. Working for your company is what I’ve spent my entire life training for, and you better believe I’m going to make you proud.

You won’t regret this. You won't regret me.

With all of the hope, sincerity, and gratitude in the world,

Elise Sabak

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