Thursday, April 17, 2014

Warrior Stories: This is the End

We're in our final days of college. The past four years have been the best of times and the worst times. This segment will highlight, one last time, our best of times at Wayne State University.

Elise: We've made it to our final warrior stories. In My Life is in Shambles Part 1, I warned you there would be more. And here it is, My Life is in Shambles Part 2, AKA my thank you letter to a few people at Wayne State.

First, I want to thank my favorite professor Julie Klein, for not only being an amazing professor, but for sometimes driving up my blog traffic by allowing me to shamelessly self-promote myself and this blog in class several times. You've helped me organize my ideas and put the academic skills I've learned in your classes to use in the digital realm, both for myself personally and for work. Professors like you are the kind who inspire minds to open, and who promote learning for the sake of learning, which is a truly beautiful thing.

To the friends I made but didn't keep: All of you were so important to me at one point or another. Some of you still are, but for some reason, we just didn't take the time to stay in touch. I really hope that you're reading this. You taught me to grow up, you showed me who I wasn't so that I could find who I am and there isn't a limit to how grateful I am for you.

To my friends from church who also go to school here: Thank you for reading this. Thank you for being the people I can rant to about going to school here and about how they won't let me wear heels to my graduation. You're all fantastic, and I'll see you Sunday.

To the friends I made here who are still my friends: You all certainly know who you are. I love you guys so much, and you're the best for dealing with all of my stresses and craziness and for still being my friends even though I don't get to see you very often. Oh yeah, and #TexasCrew4Eva.

To Cat: You're my very best friend in the whole entire world and I'm so glad we were able to become as close as we did. Our poor professors may have never totally had a grasp on who was who, but it made this untraditional college experience a lot more fun.

To the rest of my family: You've made endless sacrifices to get me to this point. There isn't a proper thank you for all of that. I'm beyond grateful for every ounce of love and support and help.

To Jasmine: I'm so glad we started this blog and that we were able to maintain our friendship despite lots of hours of classes and work and stress and tiredness. And I'm glad we're going to stay friends. I'm so happy for all of your successes and can already see that your future will be ultra bright.

And finally, to Wayne State: You're the complete opposite of what a traditional university is, and that's what I needed. And as strange as that was at first, I'm grateful for the lessons, the learning experiences, and the people you've graciously given me. Please let me wear heels to graduation. Wedges are not enough.

Jasmine: As always, Elise is such a tough act to follow!

Keeping in the same vein, we're finally at the end of a very long and very challenge chapter in our lives. And that chapter included so many major and minor characters, but all made important contributions to our development.

Those characters, just like the setting, were very nontraditional. And, for that, I am thankful. Attending Wayne State and having the college experience that I did definitely shaped who I am today. It allowed me to focus in a way I'm not sure traditional college setting could.

So thank you to Wayne State for your unorthodox experience, thank you to all my friends and family whom have been the best support system a person can ask for the last four years, thank you to all the people I'm no longer friends with—you came, you taught, I learned—and special shoutouts to my besties, The Pod, The Tripod and Elise—I cannot wait to see what all of you do postgrad!

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