Thursday, April 3, 2014

Lip Service: April

We've decided to turn Lip Service into a more comprehensive segment. A perfect pout is always a must have, but we have a few overall beauty favorites to share so you'll always look primed and professional at school or work!

Elise's Pick:
It's just so (b)right. Source.

I've been searching for my signature scent for what seems like forever, but was really probably only eighth grade. Something I would smell and would think, "Yes. This smells like me." First it was Miss Dior. Then Ralph Lauren Hot. Then all of the Juicy fragrances (I know). Then it was Miss Dior again. Then it was Marc Jacobs Dot. And now it's Kate Spade Live Colorfully, my spring counterpart to my wintertime favorite Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb.

From the first second I smelled Live Colorfully in the Kate Spade store, I knew it was me. It smelled pretty & bright, but there was (is) also something strange about it. There was also that daunting test period where I had to make sure that while on me, it didn't turn into some abhorrent scent. It didn't, thank God. I totally adore the fragrance, and I love the packaging almost as much. Is there anything better than a pretty perfume bottle? No. That's the definitive answer.

But, I also have a new fave scent discovery site which I wrote about quite enthusiastically here.

Jasmine's Pick:
Without fail, whenever I fall in love with a fragrance it becomes discontinued. The latest tragedy is Black Poppy by PacSun. I must've subconsciously had a inkling because I picked up a couple bottles on my last shopping trip.

I wish I could find the "official" fragrance description but, sadly, even that ceases. What I can tell you is why I love Black Poppy so much—it's floral, but it's not floral. Though my name is Jasmine, floral is not my signature, or favorite, scent. Black Poppy is earthy and natural. It's got a hint of patchouli (in the same family as mint—I heart mint), but it isn't overpowering.

Of course, the key is any fragrance is how is smells on you, because your individual body chemistry affects how fragrances smell on you. For me, it's not overwhelming and I often am asked what fragrance I'm wearing.

Do you have a fav fragrance or signature scent? Do you change fragrances by season? Tell us!

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