Thursday, April 24, 2014

Honesty Hour: Do You Even Drive, Bro?

We're just here to keep things real.

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Here in The Mitten, the weather is getting warmer and it's the perfect time to get in the car and take a weekend road trip or just cruise around singing to your fav tunes with your besties.

With all these positives, comes one of my biggest peeves: shitty drivers.

I'm certain my driving skills have deteriorated since moving to Detroit due to the driving skills of those around me. I'm also certain no one south of Saginaw (Google Michigan map) knows how to drive in snow, which is just sad.

So here are a few Asshole Driver memes that highlight some of my biggest driving peeves:

Also includes Michigan and snow.

And remember: don't be that asshole.

Happy driving!

Until next month, kiddos.

- J

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