Thursday, March 27, 2014

Honesty Hour: Senioritis

We're just here to keep things real.

Dreaming. Of. You. Source.
We're at that point in the year where we're running low on energy, sleep and free time.

Honesty hour: we have senioritis. We would rather binge-watch Netflix and drink sauvignon blanc and sleep 12 hours a night than work on capstone projects and theses and reading. Of course, we're still going to tend to all of our responsibilities, but dreams of endless free time are floating around in our heads while purple circles plague the area under our eyes. Thank you, God, for Dream Lumi concealer.

For about five minutes last week, there was a resurgence of energy due to cap & gown pick-up. We're in the final stretch of undergrad, and we should be excited, but instead we just want a nap and a job.

Underneath the cloak of senioritis, we're still as ambitious and hard working as ever. We're just tired.

To all of our seniors out there, do you agree?


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  1. Buzzfeed feels your pain too