Wednesday, February 19, 2014

War(rior) Stories No. 2

We're in our final semester of college. The past four years have been the best of times and the worst times. This segment will highlight our best of times at Wayne State University.

Elise: My favorite part of this semester, and possibly this year, is my yoga class. Our school offers Yoga in the mornings, and I take a class every Tuesday and Thursday (so yes, that's where I spent my morning yesterday). It's the perfect way to get through my two very long days of class and it has been keeping me relaxed. The instructor I have is awesome. She focuses less on the spiritual and more on the bodily benefit and athletic side of the practice, which has been so interesting. Even though it's early, and the walk is relatively far and very, very cold, this is a class I really love and that has improved my focus in my academic courses.

Jasmine: For me, this month's Warrior Story is about professor relationships. I went through my first two years of university without forging a strong bond with any of my professors. Since Wayne's communication department is smaller, it doesn't have a lot of tenured professors. We have a lot of part-time faculty, which creates a lot of interesting, relevant and timely material for our classes (these people are typically pros in their fields), but it does mean we have a lot of turn over.

However, I was fortune enough to befriend the newest (definitely the youngest—she's 28 and tenured!) because I had her almost every day for two semesters! I think that works out to four or five courses with the same prof in one year—crazypants! And to top things off, she was also my honors advisor. And during my first semester of senior year, she nominated me for Lambda Pi Eta, the communication honor society.

Now we sometimes we grab coffee or I swing by her office and we catch football or she fills me in on her current classes. It's never too late to form a great relationship with one of your professors. My only advice would be: don't force it. There's nothing worse than a forced relationship.

Until next month!

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