Thursday, February 20, 2014

From the Sideline: Stadium Stories

Working in football is fun and stressful and one of the best learning experiences someone hoping to work in sports can possibly have.

Welcome to Stadium Stories!

I first introduced this series in September, the same time football season kicks off. I had planned to write about working in football while working in football, but my internship has come to its end.

However, that doesn't mean I can't still entertain you with my football tales!

This series was spawned from my first sports series, Over the Boards: Rink Stories. That series encapsulated stories from my time working with a major junior hockey team. And man, did the good times roll! Not only did I have a great learning experience and build my portfolio, I also made a few friends.

Now, I’ve decided to write From the Sideline: Stadium Stories. Working in football afforded me many of the same experiences but on a grander scale. Of course, part of the boosted experience spawns from jumping from the minors to the majors, but I never felt the need to look back.

In my first week, I interviewed a Hall-of-Famer and played catch on field with my university’s most famous football alum. He was even impressed by my spiral.

So, here is your welcome back to Stadium Stories and I promise not to make you wait so long for the next installment.

Until next time, kiddies!


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