Monday, February 24, 2014

Down the Hobbit Hole: Meet Maura

Down the Hobbit Hole is a monthly segment penned by Jasmine's long-time friend Maura. Maura is a senior at Michigan State University, finishing her undergraduate degree in English. She's also a lover of cats, great literature (especially J.R.R. Tolkien—in case you were wondering about the segment title) and Bruce Springsteen. Life's an adventure and remember: "Not all those who wander are lost."

Meet Maura. And Leonardo DiCatrio, aka Leo.
If there is one thing that college has taught me to hate, it’s introductions.

Upon meeting someone and offering your name, the next set of questions they ask is always cringe-worthy: “What is your year?” or “What is your major?” or “What do you plan to do with that?” (the list goes on and on).

Lately, I’ve been feeling defined—and even held down—by those things and I guess that’s why it’s so hard—and actually really annoying—to introduce myself.

But in this case, I suppose I will do what I know how to do and start with the fact that I am a senior studying English Literature at Michigan State University. That being said, I have absolutely no idea what I want to do with a degree in English (that’s a lie, I want to do everything, both English and non-English related), or what I’m going to do in the future.

I love writing—but I have little time for it and a lack of inspiration lately—and I love reading (but honestly there are too many books and my bookcase is lacking in space). If I could travel around the world, I would. And if I could spend every waking moment with my family and friends, I would. I’m a lover of Bruce Springsteen, and I avidly believe that he can heal the soul. (I also feel the same way about cats.)

At the end of the day, these are the things that mean the most to me, and these are the things that I want to be defined by, not where I went to college (though I do love MSU) or what I did for four years while I was there.

When I was approached to contribute to this blog by Jasmine, I was initially hesitant. Not only is my life complete chaos right now—a perk of impending graduation—but I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to offer the same perspective as the other writers.

I have little experience, and frankly I’m pretty clueless, when it comes to social networking. After spending some time thinking about it, I realized that I will probably not be able to offer the same perspective, but that’s part of the appeal.

For the past four years I have struggled a lot. There have been moments where I’ve wanted to break down and cry because I feel out of place and I’m not sure where to fit in or even where to go from where I’m at. It led to depression, which took me to counseling, and medication, and a lot of soul-searching.

And while I’m still struggling, I’m beginning to explore, to find out just who I am. In the past year I’ve learned a lot about myself, and that’s why I ultimately decided to write for this blog. I want to share some of my experiences with everyone so that others can learn that it’s okay to struggle and to not be entirely sure of who they are.

What I write here will be some of the adventures I have faced over the years that have really made me question exactly what it is I hope to accomplish in life.

- MS

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