Thursday, January 23, 2014

War(rior) Stories No. 1

We're in our final semester of college. The past four years have been the best of times and the worst times. This segment will highlight our best of times at Wayne State University.
One of many newly reno'd classrooms. Click for more.
Elise: I must admit, the past four years have been tumultuous. It's been wonderful making new friends and learning new things, but come on, that's what school is about. A standout moment of my entire collegiate career has been this first month of the semester, when I finally scored a class in the newly-renovated, super beautiful top floor of one of our buildings. It's my senior seminar, which is the culmination course of sorts for the English major. As if it weren't wonderful enough that I have my favorite professor, I happened to finally have class in an amazing space. Dreams do come true.

Jasmine: I hummed and hawed about what WSU story I could share with you, and I finally settled on the story about my internship conundrum. During my junior year, I was lucky enough to be recommended by my advisor for not one, but two internships. I landed interviews for both, but only received the offer for (the better) one. To be fair, everyone from my university was turned down for the first because the hiring manger/firm VP was teaching a class we were all in (WSU perk: actual pros!). The internship I was offered afforded me great opportunity and has helped carve the path to my current professional endeavor.

Until next month!

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