Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy Re-Launch!

It's finally here! Re-Launch day! Other than this momentous occasion, today is a really special day for us, as it's the first day of our last semester of undergrad. We're this bundle of excitement and nerves and fear and overwhelming joy!

We wanted to take a moment today to first, acknowledge how much you, our readers, mean to us and have meant to us over the past two years. You've really fueled our passions and have given us reasons to write and forge forward in the PR world. Thank you!

Next, we wanted to share a little info on the new segments we have going on.

The Network: The network is simply a little run-down of people in the field we have come across through school or networking events or blogging. A two part installation, this features a small profile and a subsequent set of tips a few weeks later. Please contact Elise if you'd like to be featured, and she will put you in contact with a contributor.

Lip Service: Lip service is already in existence on the blog, but we're changing things up this year. Now, this segment will feature beauty products that we're loving. We love our glosses and balms, but there's so much more we'd love to share!

Word Play: Each month, we're going to either feature a word we love or something we've completely made up, because why not add a little whimsy to the work day?

Warrior Stories: As we've mentioned, this is our last semester as Wayne State Warriors. We'd really love to recount a few of the positive moments in our undergrad careers with you, and would be thrilled to hear your undergrad stories as well!

Honesty Hour: Exactly what it sounds like, honesty hour is an honest account of how we're feeling and how it relates to the industry. We'll typically collaborate, but Elise has something pretty interesting in store this month.

Some of our tried & true favorites are sticking around as well! Look out for plenty more constructive distractions and frosh perspectives.

Finally, we are beyond happy to announce a new contributor, Catia. She's a second year PR student, super clever, and plays little sis to Elise.

As our blog and team grow, we look forward to more sharing and discourse with each of you!

Your Girls Under PRessure

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