Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Peppermint Mocha Season!

Alas, it's the day after Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday, and the start of what I believe is the most amazing time of year: Peppermint Mocha Season.

While I'm sure that sounds oh-so sugary and amazing, it's more than the drink that makes me happy (they start selling them in late October, anyway). 

There are a few things I reserve for the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas. One of them is peppermint flavored things, generally. One of them is Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas is You." And one of them is deep introspection, which is really the entire point of this post, believe it or not. 


With the November/December limbo comes tons of stress (because of finals, obviously) but also a number of opportunities to reflect, be thankful, and give back. 

During this time, I try to re-evaluate myself, where I aim to go career wise, and what I want to accomplish in the year to come. I'm graduating, so this time around I'll be focusing on getting jobs, working through some very exciting projects, and doing my general self-bettering things.

I also think this is an important time to give back. I'm approaching my last semester of undergrad, and I've learned a lot about myself and how this whole school thing works. I've had an amazing opportunity to meet some of the current interns at an entertainment site I used to write for and give them bits and pieces of "wisdom" that I've acquired through interning and being a student. It feels really great to know I'm able to help others, even if it's only a little bit. 

All of this, plus the caffeine laden incentive and my Mariah Carey Christmas song aspirations bundle together to make this time one of the most magical, despite any stress. 

I wish you all the most amazing peppermint mocha season. And, I'm dying to know, what makes this season so special for each of you? 


Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

While the weather says winter (well, at least here in Michigan), we're all about celebrating the last holiday of the fall season: Thanksgiving. So while you're with family and friends, eating a home-cooked (or takeout!) meal, take a minute to reflect for what you're most grateful.

We are grateful for the opportunity to use this blog as a public forum to share our thoughts and experiences with others. We're also grateful for our readership and the relationships we have forged through this blog. We're thankful for you and your support!

Of course, outside of this blog, this list of things we are thankful is endless, but here just are few:
  • Family and friends
  • Incredible mentors
  • Higher education
  • Awesome internships
What are you thankful for? Think about it, eat and be merry. Happy Thanksgiving, ladies and lads!


Your Girls Under PRessure

Monday, November 11, 2013

Getting Social

Hi Everyone!

We're thrilled to announce that we're adding to our social media repertoire!

Just a taste of what our page has to offer.

Pinterest-ed? Take a look through our account and feel free to follow.

Find us here:

Have a wonderful Monday!

-Your Girls Under PRessure.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Lip Service: November (#TBT Edition!)

As future PR people, it's super important to prep our pouts so we can confidently pitch and promote clients! Check out our top lip product picks this month!

Elise's Pick:
This month, Jasmine thought it would be fun to do a "throwback" edition of Lip Service. I thought about
the products I loved when I was little (Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers, anyone?) and had trouble thinking of just one until I took a peek into my makeup bag. I discovered a little pot of lip balm from the Body Shop that reminded me of the first trip I took alone. Every time I smell it, I think of awkward 7th grade me and it puts a little smile on my face. 

It's called Born Lippy and it comes in a few flavors. Mine is Papaya or Guava, which I don't think they sell anymore. I also really like the Watermelon one. I found it over the summer and had to have it. At six dollars, it's not a bad price, and it's a cheap way to bring back a few memories. Does anyone remember these? 

Jasmine's Pick:
Ahh, Lip Service #ThrowbackThursday edition! 

Does anyone remember Mary Kay's Velocity cosmetics line? In Upper L elementary, it was my fav: the face wash, lotion, body spray, nail polishes and, most of all, the lip glosses. 

Of course, I thought they were mostly amazing because of the container (I'm a sucker for mod design), which is now dated. Looking back, there's wasn't anything particularly special about the brand, other than it was trying to create a teen/young adult line to compete with Avon's Mark. 

Excuse the photo quality, since the line appears to be defunct, finding quality images was difficult. Speaking of defunct, the only place I could find Velocity for sale was on Ebay and Amazon. So, you'll just have to reminisce about Velocity rather than picking it up for old time's sake. 

What was your fav lip product as a kid?


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Constructive Distraction: Elite Daily

Procrastination doesn't have to be a total waste of time. This post highlights websites to make your time avoiding writing research papers and reading textbooks productive.
This month's distraction is a one-stop shop for millennials: Elite Daily. EL covers everything from daily news to lifestyle articles, including some of our favs:

If you like any of the above, check out Elite Daily for more!


Your Girls Under PRessure

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Frosh Perspective: Taking Notes

Angelina Truchan is a freshman at Wayne State University who plans to major in public relations. She hopes to share a bit of her year and her perspective with our Under PRessure readers. This month, she puts a focus on note taking, a skill she has learned to hone over her first few months in college. Not only is this valuable for school, but taking notes is vital for any informational interviews you may be conducting.


Taking Notes: 

Many college students tend to dread two small words. One is a verb, the other a noun. What are they? Taking notes! Of course the easy way to deal with lectures is to just show up, do the bare minimum, and get the heck out! But, is this truly the best way to succeed in your classes? The answer is most definitely not. Here are a few of my favorite simple steps that I learned from a professor at Long Beach City College:

1. Review your notes from previous lectures. Before getting to class it is important to look over the notes you took from the class before. That way, if you get lucky and the professor decides they are in a jovial mood that day; you will already be prepared to ask any questions you have. Likewise, it might give you a confidence booster in review to be able to answer any review questions the professor might throw out to the class.

2. Preview the textbook. Many professors will give assigned reading before lecture. Avoid feeling confused and out of the loop; READ! They are telling you to do this for a reason. It will help you to get a jump start of what the professor will be talking about in the next lecture.

3. When in doubt…write it down! If you are sitting and contemplating if the material the professor just spoke was important or not, chances are it is. It is better to write down more than you think you should and to go back after the lecture and filter out the unimportant material.

4. Go on a “diet” with your notes. This sort of contradicts my previous point. Although it is important to write down all that is believed to be relevant to the class, you can do it in a manner that doesn’t take up too much space on paper (or too much of your energy). Learn to abbreviate in a way that best suits you. Begin using “code words” that maybe only you understand. This can in turn help you to memorize material better.

5. Ask your instructor for advice. So many first time college students may not be accustomed to taking notes. Also, professors in college are far different from your last high school teacher. To ensure you are on the track to success in each of your classes, see the instructor after your first class of the semester and ask them to review your notes. Most of the time they will be willing and happy to help so it does not hurt to try! See what kind of notes the professor says are most important to take and have them judge your notes to see if you are taking an adequate amount. Don’t be scared J.

6. Find a method that works best for you. For more information, see Cornell Notes online advice. They give great outlines of different note methods. When I googled “Cornell Notes” an image template popped up.

7. Type out your notes. I absolutely LOVE doing this. To some, it might be seen as doing unnecessary extra work. I beg to differ. It’s an awesome way to reinforce the material into your memory. It’s better than just reading over your notes (I get bored with that). I usually will type out my notes a week or so before I have an exam coming up. It’s a great way to get my notes organized and in the end creates a super useful study guide for myself.

I hope my few simple steps help you to become the SPECTACULAR note taking student that you are! For more information (and where I got all this great advice) see the YouTube clip by LBCC professor: . Happy note taking!

Monday, November 4, 2013

A Frosh Perspective

Hi Everyone!

A little fresh perspective is always a good thing. That being said, Jasmine and I are thrilled to announce a new segment, called "A Frosh Perspecitve."

We're tackling the world of college and the PR major from a senior standing, and thought having a freshman's perspective would be beneficial.

This year's freshman is Angelina Truchan. She plans to major in PR at Wayne State University in Detroit, where Jasmine and I both attend school. We're quite excited to see her succeed in the major and can't wait for her to share lessons of her year with you.

The first piece hits the blog tomorrow, so stay tuned!