Monday, September 16, 2013

Keeping It Professional and Getting Personal

Undre PRessure
I believe the adage is you shouldn't mix business with pleasure. Well my friends, it's much easier said than done.

The business-pleasure mixture is a delicate formula that's different for everyone. However, most will agree it's near impossible not to mix the two.

Just think about it. Once you get into the professional world, you'll spend at least 40 hours a week with your colleagues. It's pretty hard to spend the majority of your time with these people and not form some type of relationship.

Not to mention, getting to know your colleagues on a personal level also has its benefits.
  • You'll have topics other than weather to discuss.
  • Being friendly goes hand-in-hand with being open and approachable, which means better communication.
  • Collaborative projects are much easier when others view you as open and approachable.
  • You'll be privy to more office news and information before it becomes common knowledge.
  • Lastly, forging personal relationships can give you a leg up when it comes to references and jobs.
Of course, getting personal doesn't mean you need to share every detail of your life with your coworkers, but talking about personal topics shouldn't be taboo. It's bound to happen, so just make sure to use discretion. 

And remember, romantic relationships are frowned upon in every field. But if handled correctly, they can be maintained. The main objective is to be transparent about it. The entire office doesn't have to know, but it is something that needs to brought to your supervisor's attention. They may set guidelines, which as long as you abide, your supervisor will accept the relationship and you get to keep your job.

Of course, if it's effecting your work performance, that's another story.

Until next time, kiddies...

- J

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