Thursday, September 5, 2013

Jasmine's Thoughts on Senior Year (If We Can Call It That)

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Originally, I asked Elise to collaborate on a two-post series about our senior year of college thinking we would have two completely different perspectives of college. Elise loves school and is even thinking of attending graduate school. I, on the other hand, cannot graduate fast enough and wish never to return on a university classroom.

Just because I'm not into sitting through lectures, writing (or typing) pages and pages of notes and being judged on semesterly standardized test scores, doesn't mean I don't like to learn. As a matter of fact, I love to learn. But for me, learning isn't about how much jargon and many facts you can retain from a textbook and spit back on an essay or test. For me learning is about doing something hands on and gaining experience that will further my career opportunities.

Of course, I realize having that super expensive piece of paper is a large part of getting jobs, but in an industry like PR there is so much more. Really, it's all about the experience. Some places do put onus on what school you attended and what your GPA was, but most don't.

For me, attending Wayne State (which actually isn't anything to turn your nose up at, but Wayne is always over shadowed by Michigan and Michigan State) and living in (and loving) the city of Detroit has presented me with some golden opportunities.

Though my senior year officially started last Wednesday on the university's academic calendar, it actually started in July when I interviewed for my current internship. I won't name names, but I earned a great opportunity and a once-in-a-lifetime experience I'm excited to continue until at least January.

While Elise and I differ on our colleges stances and ideals about finishing our undergraduate education--I have been ready to graduate since the first day of freshman year--we are also so much alike. In the past year, we've both found a niche in our preferred industry and fallen in love with a city.

So the proof is in the pudding, the same dream has different paths for all. And learning stretches far beyond the classroom and university. Instead of grudging from class to class, I'll do my learning in an office in downtown Detroit, Sundays at the stadium and those few times a week I do actually have to sit in a classroom.

So here's to the final semesters of cramming for midterms, finals and pulling all nighters to write those annoying essays.

Until next time, kiddies...


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