Wednesday, September 25, 2013

From the Sideline: Stadium Stories

Working in football is fun and stressful and one of the best learning experiences someone hoping to work in sports can possibly have.

Earlier this year, I started a post series called Over the Boards: Rink Stories, which focused on stories from my major junior hockey internship. Sadly, I wrapped up that venture in late May when my team bailed out of the third round of the playoffs.

Now, I've decided to start From the Sideline: Stadium Stories to honor my latest intern adventure in football.

And let me tell you, this internship has not disappointed. In the first week I:
  • interviewed a Hall of Famer,
  • played catch with my university's local pro alumnus
  • and interacted with my former coworkers, which made the transition easier.
 That was just the first week!

I've been in this internship for a few months, and I cannot say enough about it. It's easily the best and most impactful internship experience I've had to date. I've learned a lot along the way and have some good stories to tell.

Stay tuned for Stadium Stories!

Until next time...

- J

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