Wednesday, September 25, 2013

From the Sideline: Stadium Stories

Working in football is fun and stressful and one of the best learning experiences someone hoping to work in sports can possibly have.

Earlier this year, I started a post series called Over the Boards: Rink Stories, which focused on stories from my major junior hockey internship. Sadly, I wrapped up that venture in late May when my team bailed out of the third round of the playoffs.

Now, I've decided to start From the Sideline: Stadium Stories to honor my latest intern adventure in football.

And let me tell you, this internship has not disappointed. In the first week I:
  • interviewed a Hall of Famer,
  • played catch with my university's local pro alumnus
  • and interacted with my former coworkers, which made the transition easier.
 That was just the first week!

I've been in this internship for a few months, and I cannot say enough about it. It's easily the best and most impactful internship experience I've had to date. I've learned a lot along the way and have some good stories to tell.

Stay tuned for Stadium Stories!

Until next time...

- J

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The New York Story

Hi Everyone!

I'm finally starting to get back into my school routine after having spent the most amazing summer in New York. I've been having some withdrawals, which are to be expected. In a particularly sad moment, I decided to whip up a playlist that outlined my time in the city. This is a mixture of music that reminded me of getting ready to leave, that sound like the city, or picks from my work playlist. I call it "The NY Story" and hope it is a fun listen for you as you prep for classes, do homework, or get through a workday. I also haven't done a playlist post in a little while and am excited to share some new and old favorites. And as I mentioned earlier, I will be embedding all playlists in these posts so listening is MUCH simpler.

Feel free to follow the playlist if you like it!

Wishing you a fantastic day & week.


Monday, September 16, 2013

Keeping It Professional and Getting Personal

Undre PRessure
I believe the adage is you shouldn't mix business with pleasure. Well my friends, it's much easier said than done.

The business-pleasure mixture is a delicate formula that's different for everyone. However, most will agree it's near impossible not to mix the two.

Just think about it. Once you get into the professional world, you'll spend at least 40 hours a week with your colleagues. It's pretty hard to spend the majority of your time with these people and not form some type of relationship.

Not to mention, getting to know your colleagues on a personal level also has its benefits.
  • You'll have topics other than weather to discuss.
  • Being friendly goes hand-in-hand with being open and approachable, which means better communication.
  • Collaborative projects are much easier when others view you as open and approachable.
  • You'll be privy to more office news and information before it becomes common knowledge.
  • Lastly, forging personal relationships can give you a leg up when it comes to references and jobs.
Of course, getting personal doesn't mean you need to share every detail of your life with your coworkers, but talking about personal topics shouldn't be taboo. It's bound to happen, so just make sure to use discretion. 

And remember, romantic relationships are frowned upon in every field. But if handled correctly, they can be maintained. The main objective is to be transparent about it. The entire office doesn't have to know, but it is something that needs to brought to your supervisor's attention. They may set guidelines, which as long as you abide, your supervisor will accept the relationship and you get to keep your job.

Of course, if it's effecting your work performance, that's another story.

Until next time, kiddies...

- J

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Constructive Distraction: The Daily Muse

Procrastination doesn't have to be a total waste of time. This post highlights websites to make your time avoiding writing research papers and reading textbooks productive.

Hello ladies and lads, let me introduce this month's Constructive Distraction, drum roll please...

The Daily Muse is the advice section of the career website The Muse. Both are great resources for job hunting and career advice. The Daily Muse is a great way to make procrastination time productive, especially if you're entering your final year of college and need to begin the job hunt.

Remember, the sooner you start looking, the better!

Until next month...

Your Girls Under PRessure

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A College Kid's Guide to Saving Cash: Home (or Apartment or Dorm) Decor

Whether you’re entering your final year of university (we are!) or finally getting into your own apartment, here are some money-saving tips so you don’t have to eat ramen noodles every day because you’re a broke mofo.

Under PRessure
Everyone's favorite aspect of moving into your own space is decorating. Of course, none of us can afford all the wonderful things on our Pinterest boards, so we settle for wallet-friendly options instead.
  • Thrift shop: Always check out thrifts stores. This doesn't just apply for clothing. You can find furniture, home decor and even appliances, in great condition, at thrift or secondhand stores. Also check out consignment shops (caveat: might be pricer!) and restore stores (think Habitat for Humanity). You'll be surprised the things you can find at great prices.
    For my apartment, I found cheap barstools and updated them by upholstering them with cute fabric.
  • Family: Always ask your family. Of course, you might get new, cute trendy items, but they have things you can update or that will hold you over until you can get what you really want. But real talk, you may not want brand new, top-of-the-line stuff as a twentysomething. Especially if you have roommates.
    I will tell you right now, your stuff will get wrecked. Not all of it and not always, but dishes will get broken, furniture will get stained and things will go missing. It's just the nature of the beast, life and people.
  • Ikea: Ikea has its pros and cons, but it is great for apartment life. You can find essentials and decor for cheap. For my apartment, I found some great decorations including bronze and silver hexagonal mirrors, which made cute decor over my table. Just beware: putting together the furniture can be tricky.
  • Artwork: Thanks to Pinterest, DIY is more popular than ever, and a great way to save on home decor. You can find instructions for everything from turning your Instagram photos into wall photography to creating a fabric headboard, which is for both function and aesthetic. 
  • Paint: A little paint goes a long way. It’s also cheap and the options are endless. You can get any color you can imagine for your walls and furniture. Pro tip: Mixing colors is a lot easier with a sample, whether it's your fav shirt or a paint chip.
    Please, please, please check your apartment guidelines before painting. Not all places allow you to paint, but most do. But always be safe rather than sorry!
What are you apartment money-saving secrets? Let us know. Or show us pics of your place! I love seeing other people’s design choices.

Until next time, kiddies…

- J

Friday, September 6, 2013

Lip Service: September

As future PR people, it's super important to prep our pouts so we can confidently pitch and promote clients! Check out our top lip product picks this month!

Elise's Pick:
Image Source
Jasmine's pick is one of my absolute faves, and as much as I love my glosses and balms, I'm going for a lip pencil this month. Make Up Forever makes these amazing lip pencils that apply smoothly and provide really high-impact color, one of my signature lip looks. It is the Aqua Lip Waterproof Lip Pencil and it really, really sticks. My color of choice is 16C, a vibrant, almost shocking, pink. At $19 it's a splurge (I feel like I say that regarding all of my lip products!) but it's oh-so worth it. 

Jasmine's Pick:
Undre PRessure
I'm sure you've realized I'm a bit of a Nivea fan girl. But can you blame me? They know to make a mean moisturizing product, especially for lips! This month, I've decided to showcase Nivea's Lip Butter. It's packaged in a cute tin, comes in lovely flavors and, of course, is great for moisturizing. With the autumn months upon us (wee!), it's a great product to keep your pout up to par. My fav (pictured) is vanilla and macadamia--super festive.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Jasmine's Thoughts on Senior Year (If We Can Call It That)

One of my favorite memes (source)
Originally, I asked Elise to collaborate on a two-post series about our senior year of college thinking we would have two completely different perspectives of college. Elise loves school and is even thinking of attending graduate school. I, on the other hand, cannot graduate fast enough and wish never to return on a university classroom.

Just because I'm not into sitting through lectures, writing (or typing) pages and pages of notes and being judged on semesterly standardized test scores, doesn't mean I don't like to learn. As a matter of fact, I love to learn. But for me, learning isn't about how much jargon and many facts you can retain from a textbook and spit back on an essay or test. For me learning is about doing something hands on and gaining experience that will further my career opportunities.

Of course, I realize having that super expensive piece of paper is a large part of getting jobs, but in an industry like PR there is so much more. Really, it's all about the experience. Some places do put onus on what school you attended and what your GPA was, but most don't.

For me, attending Wayne State (which actually isn't anything to turn your nose up at, but Wayne is always over shadowed by Michigan and Michigan State) and living in (and loving) the city of Detroit has presented me with some golden opportunities.

Though my senior year officially started last Wednesday on the university's academic calendar, it actually started in July when I interviewed for my current internship. I won't name names, but I earned a great opportunity and a once-in-a-lifetime experience I'm excited to continue until at least January.

While Elise and I differ on our colleges stances and ideals about finishing our undergraduate education--I have been ready to graduate since the first day of freshman year--we are also so much alike. In the past year, we've both found a niche in our preferred industry and fallen in love with a city.

So the proof is in the pudding, the same dream has different paths for all. And learning stretches far beyond the classroom and university. Instead of grudging from class to class, I'll do my learning in an office in downtown Detroit, Sundays at the stadium and those few times a week I do actually have to sit in a classroom.

So here's to the final semesters of cramming for midterms, finals and pulling all nighters to write those annoying essays.

Until next time, kiddies...


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A College Kid's Guide to Saving Cash: Entertainment

Whether you’re entering your final year of university (we are!) or finally getting into your own apartment, here are some money-saving tips so you don’t have to eat ramen noodles every day because you’re a broke mofo.

We've discussed food, booze, fashion and beauty. What’s next, you ask? Entertainment. As most almost grads know you typically don’t get much of a social life, especially if you’re spending your final two semesters working on your senior thesis and tying up loose ends before graduation. But, on the off chance you have a little spare time, finding something social (and cheap) is always great.
  • Local discounts: Growing up, we had this coupon book we called the hockey book because only hockey teams sold it. It was filled with local discounts on everything from paintball to free food. You paid $10 and got saving worth hundreds. Fast forward and in the D we still have this same concept except it’s free and can be picked around campus. The local discount book offers everything from cash off yoga classes to food.
  • Groupon: I just recently jumped on the Groupon bandwagon but it’s a great way to save on everything! Bartending classes, scuba-diving lessons, new restaurants, yoga classes and those are just the things I've recently looked into Groupons for. Setup an account and your preferences for Groupons matching your interests. 
  • Free: Everyone’s favorite four-letter F word! Free is your best friend and if you live in a city there’s always some type of free event happening that you can check out. A great way to find them is look at local radio station (they host a ton of free events) websites or your city’s Patch site.
  • Bowling: Bowling is one of the cheapest activities you can do and it’s a fun! Keep in mind, having the max people allowed to a lane gives you more bang for your buck. Try it out for your next group outing.
  • Student ID: You've already carried this bad boy around your entire collegiate life. Have you wondered benefits it has other than on-campus parking, checking out library books and allowing you to eat in the campus cafeterias? Just out your school’s website; odds are you’ll find a list of local businesses that offer discounts on everything hotel rooms to hair cuts. All you have to do is show them your school ID.
How do you save cash and have fun?

Until next time, kiddies...

- J