Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A College Kid's Guide to Saving Cash: Alcohol

Whether you’re entering your final year of university (we are!) or finally getting into your own apartment, here are some money-saving tips so you don’t have to eat ramen noodles every day because you’re a broke mofo.


Depending where you’re at in your collegiate career, you could be dedicating most of your paycheck to buying booze or you can’t remember the last time you had a drink. Either way, alcohol isn't cheap.
  • Mid-grade: Mixing drinks? Making punch? Don’t use top-shelf liquor. It’s intended to be drank straight, so unless you’re having shots or something on the rocks, save a few bucks and go mid-grade. 
  • BYOB: Hosting a party? Make sure to tell your guests it’s BYOB. Otherwise you’re going to blow most of your budget (and paycheck) on stocking alcohol for your get together. BYOB can also curb the shittiness of your guests; they’re likely to drink less when they have to bring their own booze.
  • Stay in: Remember the party you hosted in the previous tip? Yeah, you’re gonna host another one and probably another one. You’ll also attend a couple in the future. Drinking at home with friends is much cheaper than drinking at the bar. And remember they’re chipping in, so that makes the tab even more manageable.
  • Beer: Cocktails are great, but drinking beer is cheaper. In Michigan we’re all about our craft beers, so microbrews and speciality beers are readily available. No need to succumb to the domestic giants. You still get variety and flavor, but save a few bucks drinking brewskis instead of cocktails.
  • Bars: Headed to the bar for a friend’s birthday? Are you sick of sitting on your couch? Understandable, but make sure to ask about specials. Even better, try to go to bars you know are having specials. And if all else fails, remember brewskis over cocktails!
Have any alcohol money-saving tips? Our ears are always open.

Until next week, kiddies...

- J

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