Monday, May 13, 2013

Week 1 Lessons

Sunday in SOHO
I've survived my first full week in the city. I've been there for a week and a half, but this was my first full week of work, of subway riding, and of the general amazing craziness that is in the city. I've learned a few important PR lessons in the short time I've been here, and they're worth a share.

On detail:

1. Rules change often. Make sure you're up on your AP style and that you're paying close attention to the names, addresses, emails, and social media of your target outlets.

2. A word with iffy or dual connotations could completely ruin a post or pitch. Have a command of language and be aware of what it is you're working on.

On prioritizing:

1. Clients come first. There's no question.

2. Your time is valuable. Don't let other people waste it and don't waste yours.

3. Likewise, your boss or manager's time is valuable. Try to be careful with what you're doing and take your time so they don't have to waste theirs fixing your mistakes. Put these tasks off until points of the day when you'll really have time to focus.

4. PR is a time-sensitive field. Make sure you schedule your daily to-do list to reflect the clients' preferred communication or post times. Even if you aren't keen on an account, if that info needs to be sent first, DO IT FIRST.

On life:

1. A city full of people can also be really lonely. Try to carve out a little niche or go out to meet some people. Developing a support system in your new city is going to be beneficial and curb homesickness a bit.

2. Working yourself ragged is not healthy. Even if you need to schedule free time, do it. It is so beneficial for your productivity and sanity.

3. Find something fun to do before work. Early mornings can be really fun. Last Friday, I woke up a little earlier and headed east to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony at the new Kate Spade store on 67th and Madison. It was fun, different, and left me energized at work all day!

Here are a couple pictures!

Outside the UES storefront. Uptown is the new Downtown!

Via Kate Spade NY

4. Have fun. Love what you do and make every day an exciting one.

5. Realize that having an internship is a blessing. Everyone who has helped you get to this point is a blessing. These aren't opportunities everyone can have. You are lucky, but you also worked hard to be there. Be grateful, and most importantly, be humble.

I'm so excited to see what the rest of my summer has in store!



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