Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It's Almost Summer Break! Another One of Elise's Playlists

I love my music. I feel like by know you guys have gotten a pretty good idea of my taste. And in my forever pursuit of hopeless coolness, I've created a playlist of songs that I think embody the hopelessly cool vibes I want to have and relay. But before you all write me off as a dork or whatever you're thinking I am, scan through the list and have a listen. These are 10 songs you'll be humming all day long (and will help your work day flash by!).

In the interest of being a little more fun (and clickable) each song title links to a YouTube video where you can check out these stellar songs!

1. I Love It, Icona Pop. I blame Girls. (P.S. Chris Abbott is leaving. Sad.)

2. Day Dreams, Midi Matilda. With lines like "follow my dreams like a dream ought to be followed" you can't help but get all starry eyed and bubblegum. It's also really catchy. So there's that.

3. Needle, Born Ruffians. The amount of my favorite bands that Teen Vogue has introduced me to has skyrocketed since associate editor Casey Lewis (our music taste is scary similar, guys) started these crazy good Spotify playlists for the magazine. I couldn't get this song out of my head for two weeks after I heard it.

4. Carried Away, Passion Pit. It's on a Tropicana commercial. If this upbeat and generally perfect Passion Pit song gets ruined by the juice brand the same way Taco Bell ruined "Take A Walk" I'm going to scream. Or cry. Or both.

5. Sweater Weather, The Neighbourhood. You won't want to stop listening to this. Ever.

6. West Coast, Coconut Records. When I first heard this I immediately thought it was either from Fun. or my current band obsession The Royal Concept. It's that strange mix of sad and catchy that is total perfection.

7. Young Dreams, Young Dreams. THIS IS MY FAVORITE SONG. It reminds me of New York, which alone is solid reasoning for why this gets top spot in my heart and my iPod. But the stellar mix of lyrics and music reminiscent of the kind of music you might hear at carnival in Brazil is proof of this song's greatness.

8. World On Fire and Damn, The Royal Concept. Two for one! I Love TRC and nearly always have one of their songs stuck in my head. It's rumored that their debut album will be released sometime later this year and I cannot wait!

9. Keep You, Wild Belle. You may or may not know this as the song playing in the background of the first radio station scene of Pitch Perfect. And while I remain thoroughly convinced that the non-soundtrack soundtrack is the best one, I give you this as evidence.

10. Diet Mountain Dew, Lana Del Rey. I've become a little bit of a Lana fan. I've always been drawn to this song and it has made its way back into my playlist circulation.

So here's a taste of my favorite sounds of spring. Love the list? Hate it? Let me know!



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