Monday, March 4, 2013

The Social Series: Facebook

Discussing dos and don'ts of social media.

Facebook, Facebook, Facebook. What do we do with it? Most professionals don't care if you have a Facebook, but they'll check it anyway. It's boring if you only present your professional self, but unprofessional if you present your personal self.

Elise and I agree Facebook is the gateway drug to social media. Most people have one or have had one. But the reason for deactivating is a fine line: It's cool if you deactivate your account because you don't use it, but not cool if you deactivate it because you cause too much drama.

What to do? Or what not to do? That is the question.

  • Post pictures: Social media has become more and more visual and Facebook is no exception. Cover photos were added for a reason--visual interest. Share you Instagram photos, or upload a mobile photo. People are more apt to scroll through their feed and look at a photo than read a paragraph of text. 
  • Share news: Found a cool infographic or some bizarre news? Post it! Share it with your friends. Social media is the newest news-gathering platform. 
  • Tag friends: At a hockey game or cruising the mall? Tag your buddies when you're out and about. It's an easy way to engage.
  • Friend everyone: In my computer-mediated communication classes, we talk about how research suggests social media etiquette says it's rude not to friend someone on Facebook, but personally, I think it's okay to pick and choose. You have to remember who you friend will determine what you can post. Are you gonna post pictures from the day you went to the zoo but called in "sick" to work when you're FB friends with your boss? No. Well, not if you want to keep your job. 
  • Post drunk photos: This a no-no no matter who your Facebook friends are. Do you want constant reminders of how trashed you were during insert party date here? No.
  • Tag embarrassing photos: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Yes, tagging embarrassing photos or refusing to take down one someone finds embarrassing is asking for trouble. Don't do it.
  • Link your Twitter: Nothing is more annoying than Twitter updates via Facebook. Most people update Twitter more often than Facebook. Plus, if you have a lot of @replies your Facebook network isn't going to have reference to the conversation. 
Do you have any Facebook do's and don't's? Let us know! Drop us an email or chirp us on Twitter!

Until next time, kiddos!

- J

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