Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Social Media 101: Twitter Lists

A co-intern and I were putting together a plan for a social media event for our hockey team during their 2013 playoff run. Part of the schick included picking fan-favorite, media-friendly players, which led to browsing the boys' social media profiles.

During our social creep, we established that the team has quite a few hidden gems that we would like to uncover, but sadly, it's too late for a good portion of boys because they'll be shipping off to the NHL (we hope!), the AHL or, as an undrafted player, figuring out life after hockey.

But back to my point; during our social creep, my fellow intern said, "I wish I could get a feed of just the boys' tweets."

My reply, "You can."

She followed up, "No you can't. How?"

I answered, "Twitter lists! Most unknown and under utilized feature on Twitter."

Yes my friends, Twitter lists are the perfect way to filter your news feed and group tweets or users. You can create your own, which can be a tall task depending on how many people you want to put into your list. Or you can take the lazy route and follow other people's lists.

I won't lie, I do the latter. The former is much too time consuming.

Another tip, you can add accounts you're not following to your lists, so you're not restricted to only people you follow.

And though potentially time consuming, creating your own list has a great benefit: You can make them private. This means other users cannot see or subscribe to your lists if your profile is public (and it should be).

What do you think is the most under utilized feature on Twitter? Do you use Twitter lists? Comment here or chirp us on Twitter!

Until next time, kiddies...

- J

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