Friday, March 1, 2013

Lip Service: March

As future PR people, it's super important to prep our pouts so we can confidently pitch and promote clients! Check out our top lip product picks this month!

Elise's Pick:
In high school, I used to be a lip gloss fanatic. But I've kind of gotten over that whole "super glossy look" thing. The problem? I don't like lipstick. So, on an afternoon of playing in ULTA, I came across this little gem by NYX.

This is a lip gloss that gives the effect of a lipstick and is MATTE. I own this in a variety of shades from Antwerp, a bright, orange-y pink to Amsterdam, a powerful, punchy red (also the color I'm wearing in the picture on my About Elise page!). My favorite, though, is the shade pictured here, called Istanbul. It's pretty universally flattering (it looks great on me and both of my sisters and we have very different skin tones) and is fantastic for every day wear. Plus, I absolutely love that the collection is named after cities. Oh, yeah, and it's $6, which isn't too bad!

The issue is that the packaging color is different than the actual product, so it's best to buy these lip creams in person so you can take a peek at the color to see if it's right for you.

Jasmine's Pick:
This month, I'd like to introduce you to Bath and Body Works' My Favorite Night Balm. This little gem works its moisturizing magic while you're catching z's.

My Favorite Night Balm is amazing during the winter months. In The Mitten, we're in a weird lull between winter and spring, which can really wreck havoc on your body. It hits your skin the hardest--especially the lips!

This little tube will set you back about eight bucks, but it's so worth it. Again, it helps you battle cold- or weather-induced chapped lips. And once you get your pout conditioned, you can cut back to using it every other night or a couple times a week.

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