Thursday, March 14, 2013

Empire State of Mind

I want to start this post with a qualifier: I'm not a "dreams come true" kind of girl. I think all of that stuff is a little mushy and purposeless, because a dream means nothing without the backing of hard work to fulfill it.

New York. New York is the place people spend their lives dreaming about. One day, if s/he is lucky enough, s/he might have the opportunity to go and make their life-long dreams come true. To an extent, I am one of those people. I've never felt quite right in the mitten. The industry I'm chasing is in the City and that is where I feel like I'll fit in. It's the place I've always wanted to be.

Under PRessure New York City
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I want to belong there, and more than that, I want to make an impression in a city that has so many people that anonymity is commonplace (another reason I really love it). Making it in a big city, it's so... bubblegum.

Sometimes I wonder if I have what it takes to get there. I've been pushing myself to be successful academically, I've gotten internships and spent my time in them developing skills to make me marketable to companies outside of my state and in my desired industry, and I've made so many personal sacrifices. But is that enough?

I don't want to go to New York just to go to New York. I want to work, to have cause to be there. To me, that's the "empire state of mind." Work until you get to the top, and then set a new standard for the top and keep climbing. And in New York, those opportunities exist and the standards are always being raised. I love to be challenged, and being in a city and industry that can always provide me with a standard to work toward would be incredible.

The media doesn't show the fashion industry or PR as they are. They, like the cities that house these industries, are glamorized. People want to be there for the wrong reasons. They want to be there to be pretty and to be seen and to dress impeccably and make a ton of money (which, they probably won't). I'm not saying everyone thinks that way, but I've come across a considerable amount of people who do. Leave your sense of entitlement at the door if these are the industries you want to enter.

So, I leave you with these small reminders on how to head in the direction of my interpretation of the "empire state of mind."

  • Don't lose sight of your goals or develop goals based on some glamorized idea of a career or city or industry. 
  • Don't forget that as good as you think you are at something, arrogance is going to hinder you, not help you. 
  • Don't forget that you aren't entitled to anything. 
  • And most importantly, remember to work your hardest and to challenge yourself in school, in internships, and as you work toward your career.

Do you share my version of the "empire state of mind?" Let me know!



  1. These are great reminders. I'm all about having an empire state of mind.