Monday, March 25, 2013

Our New Favorites (And a Reader Promo)!

Happy Monday!

Every PR girl has at least a product or two that she swears by. A favorite new item? BA Star Smoky Eye Shadow.

These products are marketed for girls who perform. So, cheerleaders, dancers, and the like are drawn to these pigmented, brightly colored, and quite glittery eyeshadows.

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BUT, this brand has eyeshadow palettes that boast nude, pink, aqua, and smoky shades at a really reasonable price. These lovely eyeshadow options are especially great because of the pigment payoff. Performers need their makeup to be seen on the stage or the mat, and this product delivers a punch of pigment for them. What does it do for the everyday girl? It provides the same lasting color payoff through stressful days of class or work, or great pigment for a night out or event.

Take a peek at their online store here:!

Want to grab a palette for yourself? BA Star is offering 50% to our Under PRessure Readers!

Use Promo Code: BBSMOKY at checkout.

Let us know if this is a product you love too!


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