Monday, February 11, 2013

The Social Series: Twitter

Discussing dos and don'ts of social media.

Tried and true, Twitter is everyone's favorite microblog. However, the little blue bird has come a long, long way in seven years. Yes, twitter has already been around seven years.

Twitter morphed from a place for sharing inner thoughts to a hub for news, networking and opinion sharing. There are a lot of opportunities to gain from Twitter including job shadow opportunities, informational interviews, internships and jobs.

  • Have a profile picture: A picture on social media is important. The point is to connect, and people want to know what you look like. Plus, anything is better than an egg.
  • Follow back: Of course, you don't have to follow everyone, but it's good karma and shows you're willing to interact.
  • Report spambots: It takes five seconds and helps flag similar bots in the future.
  • Engage: Twitter is a two-way communicative platform. Retweeting, quoting, answer questions, etc. is a huge part of building a presence. You won't gain much if you don't engage.
  • Post photos: Social media is becoming extremely visual. While Twitter is one of the places people still read text, the amount of text in a news feed means a lot of passed-over tweets. People are more likely to stop and read your tweet if you attach a photo. But not an Instagram photo; you what something people can view in the news feed. Try TwitPic or
  • Link your Instagram: Instagram has become a pawn in the Facebook/Twitter beef (Facebook now owns the mobile photo app, in case you were living under a rock). Take the extra minute to upload your photo to Twitter instead of hitting the Twitter button in Instagram. Instagram photos are no longer viewable on Twitter without an extra window and do not show up in your Twitter photo feed.
  • Post about mundane tasks: Twitter is a great outlet to share your opinions, interesting news and what you're doing. However, people are more interested if you're at the game or concert than if you're  vegging on the couch eating potato chips.
  • Protect your account: I'm lucky enough to have General Motors' social media guru as my university's PRSSA professional adviser. During a social media panel, when asked about having a protected Twitter account, she said it defeats the purpose of Twitter. The platform is built on interaction and sharing, and that's being severely limited if you protect your tweets.
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