Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Feature: That Working Girl

You know that anytime we find something phenomenal, we don't hesitate to share. Whether it's the newest nail polish we've become totally obsessed with, a great read, or in this case, a phenomenal blog, we want to clue you, our lovely readers, in on it!

So, today we'd like to introduce you to a fantastic blog that we think perfectly complements what we do here at Under PRessure: That Working Girl!

A blog filled with tips, advice, helpful Q&As, and inspiration for PR people to-be, this is most definitely a new favorite.

Who is "That Working Girl?" Lindsay, the girl behind the blog, is a student whose goal is to inspire other working girls to-be and to give them the resources to pursue their dreams of a media career.

Check out this helpful post on tips for internship interviews here!

That Working Girl
Courtesy of That Working Girl
We're so excited to be working with Lindsay (and to have her as a blogger friend!) and we can't wait to share some of her posts and words of wisdom with you!

And don't forget to follow her on Twitter @HeyWorkingGirl!


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