Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year, New Challenge

It's a new year. We made it through the supposed Mayan apocalypse, surprise surprise.

So 2013. I spent the last month reflecting on the goals, or more accurately goal I made for 2012, which I must say, was a pretty good year. We started this lovely blog you're reading, I got my first and second internships, was lucky enough to have my sister join me at school, and made some new friends for whom I am so grateful and blessed.

Since we started Under PRessure on New Year's Day last year, and shortly thereafter we brought you a lesson and challenge to make more time for face time, I'm going to pose another challenge to all of your for the year. My personal resolution last year was this: to make an effort. It was a goal I would reach no matter what. As long as I tried at something, I would achieve my resolution and become part of the golden 8% who actually meet theirs each year.

So, what exactly did I do? I...
  • made an effort to get more personal writing in
  • made an effort to find an internship
  • made an effort to be a superstar in everything I did
  • made an effort to see my friends and build relationships
  • made an effort to meet and interact with new people
  • tried to get over the anxiety that keeps me from doing/participating in a lot of things
There are so many more than that, but I'm sure you get the idea.

So, I'll leave all of you with this: take the time to make the extra effort for something, anything. If it's taking out a second to tell someone you appreciate what they do, or even making the effort to cut out a coffee a day to reduce your too high caffeine intake, it's something. A resolution like this means that you can't fail. And if you know you can't fail, anything is possible. 

I hate being syrupy like that, but it's true. Take the challenge to make a little more effort this year. Even if making the effort to meet new people or expand your network or join a group or anything, for that matter, freaks you out, it'll be worth it in the end. And if it isn't, you know where to find me. 

Have a happy new year! I'm so blessed to have you all as my readers!



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