Thursday, January 17, 2013

Coffee Talk!

Hey guys!

We're finally back at that point where we can breathe again, and even though it'll be a short lived happy spree, we decided to capitalize on it and have coffee!

So, what exactly went on in this meeting?
  • We talked new semesters in which Elise is frustrated with her French class for not participating and Jasmine is going to be so, so busy.
  • Christmas! It was wonderful and such a nice break to just relax, because 18 credits and an internship didn't really leave a lot of time for that last semester.
  • Froyo and vegan cupcakes. Because they're delicious, obviously.
There wasn't much of a PR related discussion this time around, but we do have a few IMPORTANT take-aways:
  • Meticulous time management is imperative for productivity and sanity. Emphasis on sanity. 
  • Having a voracious appetite for reading makes life, and thus school, easier. 
  • Communication is key in every life endeavor. 
  • Don't stand too close to people with studded purses in line at Starbucks, because they might just turn around too quickly and ruin your ballet-slipper pink mani resulting in unnecessary sadness and frustration. [Obviously, the most important message.] 
By the way, we both ordered iced tea, because Saturday was a 50-degree day and when it's January in Michigan, you capitalize on that nice weather goodness. 

Have a beautiful (and productive!) new semester!


Girls Under PRessure 

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