Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Over the Boards: Rink Stories

Tales from interning in major junior hockey because the best stories happen at the rink.

I know, I know. It hasn't been long since my first set of Rink Stories, but they're too good to pass up!

Hockey players are notoriously known as the nicest, most approachable athletes. One of my fav stories involves a Washington Capital helping a mother and daughter change a flat tire. While it's believed most are inherently nice because they're predominantly Canadian, I think it actually has to do with the family mentality of the sport.

Whichever theory you prefer, here are a couple stories showing the softer side of hockey players:

Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Feature: That Working Girl

You know that anytime we find something phenomenal, we don't hesitate to share. Whether it's the newest nail polish we've become totally obsessed with, a great read, or in this case, a phenomenal blog, we want to clue you, our lovely readers, in on it!

So, today we'd like to introduce you to a fantastic blog that we think perfectly complements what we do here at Under PRessure: That Working Girl!

A blog filled with tips, advice, helpful Q&As, and inspiration for PR people to-be, this is most definitely a new favorite.

Who is "That Working Girl?" Lindsay, the girl behind the blog, is a student whose goal is to inspire other working girls to-be and to give them the resources to pursue their dreams of a media career.

Check out this helpful post on tips for internship interviews here!

That Working Girl
Courtesy of That Working Girl
We're so excited to be working with Lindsay (and to have her as a blogger friend!) and we can't wait to share some of her posts and words of wisdom with you!

And don't forget to follow her on Twitter @HeyWorkingGirl!


Your Girls Under PRessure

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Social Series: LinkedIn

Discussing dos and don'ts of social media.
The latest and greatest social media platform is LinkedIn. This networking site is one you need to be on as an up-and-coming public relations professional. This is a great tool for your branding strategy--the easiest way to put yourself out there and the easiest way to build and track your network.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Coffee Talk!

Hey guys!

We're finally back at that point where we can breathe again, and even though it'll be a short lived happy spree, we decided to capitalize on it and have coffee!

So, what exactly went on in this meeting?
  • We talked new semesters in which Elise is frustrated with her French class for not participating and Jasmine is going to be so, so busy.
  • Christmas! It was wonderful and such a nice break to just relax, because 18 credits and an internship didn't really leave a lot of time for that last semester.
  • Froyo and vegan cupcakes. Because they're delicious, obviously.
There wasn't much of a PR related discussion this time around, but we do have a few IMPORTANT take-aways:
  • Meticulous time management is imperative for productivity and sanity. Emphasis on sanity. 
  • Having a voracious appetite for reading makes life, and thus school, easier. 
  • Communication is key in every life endeavor. 
  • Don't stand too close to people with studded purses in line at Starbucks, because they might just turn around too quickly and ruin your ballet-slipper pink mani resulting in unnecessary sadness and frustration. [Obviously, the most important message.] 
By the way, we both ordered iced tea, because Saturday was a 50-degree day and when it's January in Michigan, you capitalize on that nice weather goodness. 

Have a beautiful (and productive!) new semester!


Girls Under PRessure 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Now Reading: Books to Kickstart Your Career

Under PRessure Books

As you probably know by now, I'm an English major and there is nothing I like to do more than read. So what better way to work toward jumpstarting my career than through gaining info from one of my favorite hobbies?

What books have I read that might be of help in becoming the PR girl/guy or editor you've been itching to be your entire life? Check out my top 3 picks.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year, New Challenge

It's a new year. We made it through the supposed Mayan apocalypse, surprise surprise.

So 2013. I spent the last month reflecting on the goals, or more accurately goal I made for 2012, which I must say, was a pretty good year. We started this lovely blog you're reading, I got my first and second internships, was lucky enough to have my sister join me at school, and made some new friends for whom I am so grateful and blessed.

Since we started Under PRessure on New Year's Day last year, and shortly thereafter we brought you a lesson and challenge to make more time for face time, I'm going to pose another challenge to all of your for the year. My personal resolution last year was this: to make an effort. It was a goal I would reach no matter what. As long as I tried at something, I would achieve my resolution and become part of the golden 8% who actually meet theirs each year.

So, what exactly did I do? I...
  • made an effort to get more personal writing in
  • made an effort to find an internship
  • made an effort to be a superstar in everything I did
  • made an effort to see my friends and build relationships
  • made an effort to meet and interact with new people
  • tried to get over the anxiety that keeps me from doing/participating in a lot of things
There are so many more than that, but I'm sure you get the idea.

So, I'll leave all of you with this: take the time to make the extra effort for something, anything. If it's taking out a second to tell someone you appreciate what they do, or even making the effort to cut out a coffee a day to reduce your too high caffeine intake, it's something. A resolution like this means that you can't fail. And if you know you can't fail, anything is possible. 

I hate being syrupy like that, but it's true. Take the challenge to make a little more effort this year. Even if making the effort to meet new people or expand your network or join a group or anything, for that matter, freaks you out, it'll be worth it in the end. And if it isn't, you know where to find me. 

Have a happy new year! I'm so blessed to have you all as my readers!