Thursday, December 27, 2012

Winter Playlist

Birthday shout out to my co-blogger Jasmine!

Ok. So. The two playlist posts I've done so far have been pretty well received and sooo much fun to write. I really get into them, especially because I let the songs play while I write. Unnecessary, but true fact. So, I decided to add a winter playlist to the mix. It's labelled "Obsessions" in iTunes, which may or may not give you an idea of how I feel about the songs. 


"We Come Running" by Youngblood Hawke. This is my favorite song right now. I used to hear it while I drove, and I became so obsessed that I eventually had to download it and listen to it about 100 times everyday. It's upbeat and fun. For the optimal music experience, blast this to full volume. ALSO! One day while I was going somewhere with my sister, I was listening to this song with my headphones in. "Don't You Worry Child" came on the radio, and I decided that someone needed to make a mashup of the two songs. The issue? I'm musically inept. So. PSA. If you or someone you know can make this happen for me, I'd be so, so happy. Is "I'll love you forever" sufficient incentive?

"If It Wasn't For You" by Various Cruelties. I know, the song title is grammatically incorrect. But this song is eleven different kinds of perfect. You may have heard it on the Zales Christmas commercials. I know, I know, usually commercials ruin songs for me (ahem, Passion Pit and Taco Bell...shameful), but this one is so good. It has a kind of old time-y sound and it's really sweet and sentimental and about love...things I know nothing about. Kidding. But really. 

"This Momentary" by Delphic. I'm kind of a sucker for really excellent movie soundtracks. Even if I don't like the movie, if it has a good soundtrack, I'll watch it until my eyes bleed. Luckily, I like the movie that this song is featured in. Its electro-rock sound makes this one of my stranger choices, but apparently, it is equally strange that "The Art of Getting By" is one of my favorite movies. It's the second installment in my all too often played friend-zone movie marathon, and this song makes it just so perfect. 

"Sweet Disposition" by Temper Trap. This song comes from movie number one in my friend-zone movie marathon, "500 Days of Summer." It's just such an amazing, can't-stop-listening kind of song that is also made infinitely better when blasted at a too loud volume. 

"Gimme Twice" by The Royal Concept. I think I gushed enough about this band in my last post. If Phoenix and the Strokes had a baby, the product would be these four adorable and talented Swedes. This song is just too good. I've been listening to it since September and I haven't gotten tired of it yet, which must be a new record for me.

"I Follow Rivers" by Lykke Li. All of Lykke Li's music could be described as a strange mix of dire and happy. Somehow it works wonders when I have to write, or sleep, or focus, and that fact makes me endlessly happy. You might start listening and think, "What the hell is this?" but I promise you, it's so good. Unless of course, you don't like my taste in which case I'd like to ask: How did you manage to make it this far into my post? 

This list is significantly shorter than the others, but I thought it was worth a share. Good luck getting ready for the upcoming semester, or getting through internship/job applications, or whatever you may be facing this winter!



P.S. Do you love or hate the new iTunes? 

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