Monday, December 10, 2012


When I was twelve years old, I was painfully awkward. Like, hard to look at and talk to. And then one day, during my layover on the way to Lebanon, I discovered Teen Vogue. To say it completely revolutionized my life would be both completely shallow and true. But it did. And then one day I decided that I wanted to be an editor just like the glamorous, genius, and hardworking women (and men!) behind all of our favorite glossies. Eight years and several career paths later, I finally put myself on a track that would hopefully land me the job of my dreams. And then, the first week of December, I realized that I wouldn't have to wait. I can start and edit my own online magazine right now, if I wanted to. The best part? So can you. Welcome to the world of Glossi, my PR lovelies. Let's all get acquainted.

Glossi, as of now, is a members only deal. But fret not, you guys, because you can request an invite. If this doesn't already remind you of my beloved (sense the sarcasm?) Pinterest, then the site's layout might, a little.

Even before you're a member you can flip through other glossies (get it? Such a fitting site name!) and get some ideas. With the primary "type" being fashion, the site's a style treasure trove. But, once you're a member, you can create your own magazine. All control goes to you. It's the online embodiment of perfection.

So what does this mean for the magazine world? Digital competition, obviously. But it also means people who have brilliant ideas sans resources for publishing have the opportunity to get themselves noticed online. This is an idea near and dear to my heart (I did an independent study this semester on the benefits of writing for new media...I think it's something of a gem, but I might be a little biased).

And, now, the all important question that you as a PR student or regular student, or avid reader of this blog must be asking: how is this going to help me in the future?

Good writing skills are beneficial for pretty much any venture. Editing skills, also amazing. Having a creative outlet like this is something that can be added to resumes and portfolios. And, in the instance your online glossy garners a huge following, you could get discovered by your dream gig. It might be tough, but nothing's impossible.'s a great way to build your own brand.

I say give it a stab, and once my first issue is done I'll be sure to give you all a head's up.



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