Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Coffee Talk

This is a series that pops up every time we have a second to hang out and grab a coffee. An exclusive look into our brains and everyday occurrences, we hope this series is as fun to you as these outings are for us!

Coffee talk number two. @esabak

So, Saturday (12/1! Can you believe it's already December?!) we went for coffee (It was actually lunch, but that's ok) and had a very interesting, very sporadic, conversation. It had more to do with warding off the impending doom of final exams/papers/projects than PR, and for that we apologize (a little). It went like this:

  • Facebook is the gateway drug to social media.
  • Twitter meltdowns. They happen. A lot.
  • Elise likes depressing things, especially heartbreak.
  • Hockey.
  • Alexander Wang at Balenciaga. We think he's going to do a really good job.
  • Elise goes to Starbucks because they never forget to put coffee in her latte (*cough*Panera*cough*). 
  • Big girl lessons: Do not be scared to tell salespeople they got the order wrong.
  • MARINA MARINA MARINAAAAA. We're obsessed with her. Every song is a good song. Especially on Electra Heart.
  • While on the music tangent, we discussed the excellence that is Cascada's Christmas album. No, that wasn't sarcastic at all. 
  • Skylar Astin. He is beautiful. And talented. And beautiful.
  • The best stories happen at the hockey rink. Like, really the best. 
  • Sometimes, even after four months, your fellow interns do not know your name.
  • Happy peppermint mocha season.
  • Finally, why people feel the sick compulsion to wear sparkly Uggs eludes us. Like, WHY, teenie-boppers next to us?

As you can tell, we have super deep and substantial conversations at these outings. And since it's been a minute since we've had one of these, it kind of makes sense that our minds are all over the place. Also like we said, it's almost finals, so there's that.


Girls Under PRessure

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