Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Instagram: A Peek Into Your Soul

Of the two things I really, really, REALLY dislike, pictures come out on top. But, for some reason I have a super slight obsession with Instagram. It's probably because it's alright that I don't post pictures of myself. But the reasons that make this platform great go beyond my fear of being in a picture.

With Instagram, you can do what other social platforms don't let users accurately do: give your followers a glimpse into your life, regardless of how you've glamorized it with filters and whatever other enhancements are available on the amazing but mildly detrimental devices we call our smartphones. And you can do all of this WITHOUT ANY WORDS. Because pictures say it all. Duh.

If you want to seem hopelessly cool or are part of a brand that wants to show their human side to fans and clients, Instagram is your answer. It's the peek into your (or your brand's) soul that could happen on Facebook or Twitter, but doesn't (and I'm not even going to delve into why, because there will be too much snark and it won't be pretty). Moral: whether it's Instagram for Android or the Instagram app for iPhone, using this tool is a great way to give personalization and unique insight into your brand.

And with all of the love that I've given Instagram today, here are some picks from the account of yours truly:

Follow me (@esabak), A haiku:

Liking what you see?
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You won't regret it.

And some of Jasmine's top Instagram photos:

Follow her, @jrgrotto.

Now that you've gotten a look into our interests and souls (this is actually starting to sound kind of creepy, but you get where I'm going), let us know how you feel about the platform in a comment!



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