Monday, November 5, 2012

Coffee Talk

Welcome to Coffee Talk, the first post of a series but  our 100th post on this blog (yay us!). This is a series that pops up every time we have a second to hang out and grab a coffee. An exclusive look into our brains and everyday occurrences, we hope this series is as fun to you as these outings are for us!

Starbucks Coffee Drinks
Coffee date with @esabak.

Outing: October 27

As per usual our favorite topic of conversation is internships. We talked about our weeks and the lessons we learn each and every day we head into the office. Our lessons from this time around:

  • Menial tasks happen and we have to be ok with doing them
  • Writers block also happens, and in the office it's imperative to push through it
  • Some of the people we deal with are the topics of super funny conversations. Soak in the experience
  • People will make bets on whether or not you have a coffee addiction. Don't be that girl. Elise is that girl.
What we ordered (because we know you were wondering):

Elise: Salted Caramel Mocha
Jasmine: Passion Fruit Iced Tea (Sweetened)

So this was our pre-halloween and we hope this series is the perfect way for you to really get to know who we are as people...not just as students and future professionals.


Girls Under PRessure

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