Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Instagram: A Peek Into Your Soul

Of the two things I really, really, REALLY dislike, pictures come out on top. But, for some reason I have a super slight obsession with Instagram. It's probably because it's alright that I don't post pictures of myself. But the reasons that make this platform great go beyond my fear of being in a picture.

With Instagram, you can do what other social platforms don't let users accurately do: give your followers a glimpse into your life, regardless of how you've glamorized it with filters and whatever other enhancements are available on the amazing but mildly detrimental devices we call our smartphones. And you can do all of this WITHOUT ANY WORDS. Because pictures say it all. Duh.

If you want to seem hopelessly cool or are part of a brand that wants to show their human side to fans and clients, Instagram is your answer. It's the peek into your (or your brand's) soul that could happen on Facebook or Twitter, but doesn't (and I'm not even going to delve into why, because there will be too much snark and it won't be pretty). Moral: whether it's Instagram for Android or the Instagram app for iPhone, using this tool is a great way to give personalization and unique insight into your brand.

And with all of the love that I've given Instagram today, here are some picks from the account of yours truly:

Follow me (@esabak), A haiku:

Liking what you see?
Then click to follow me.
You won't regret it.

And some of Jasmine's top Instagram photos:

Follow her, @jrgrotto.

Now that you've gotten a look into our interests and souls (this is actually starting to sound kind of creepy, but you get where I'm going), let us know how you feel about the platform in a comment!



Wednesday, November 21, 2012


The epitome of fall (because Elise isn't a Halloween girl) is probably Thanksgiving. More than the amazing food and family time, this holiday is a way to reflect on what you're grateful for.

So, what are we especially thankful for this year?
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Awesome Internships
  • Hardships, because they make us stronger, better people
  • Education
  • Ability to help others
  • Having life essentials
What are you thankful for this year? Let us know! And, have a Happy Thanksgiving!


The Girls Under PRessure 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Insight on our Frosh's Outlook

Lover of Disney films and classic over achiever, our resident Freshman, and Elise's mini-me, Catia, will be chronicling her journey this year in a little series we like to call A Frosh Outlook. 

I’m a people person. I mean, I’m not super outgoing but I do like people. As far as what to do with the rest of my life, I felt as if this was an important quality to take into account when deciding. Choosing to go into public relations for me was a relatively easy choice. It seemed like an industry that my personality and talents would be well suited for. As a freshman, however, I don’t fully understand what I am getting myself into and I am always plagued with a sense of insecurity and indecision in my choice of major. Granted, that could just be my tendency to overthink just about everything--but still, it’s a tricky position to be in.

Although I am green in my pursuit of PR greatness, I already like what I see, and I am pleased with how easy school has been this first quarter of college. Not easy in the sense that I have a minimal workload or that this field requires little effort, but in the sense that I am genuinely interested in what I am learning and comfortable in this area of study. At the same time, being the over achiever type I am, I remain wary of this feeling and hope that it isn’t just a honeymoon phase that comes with the hype of being a cool new college student. I find myself wondering if this should be harder and if I’m cheating myself out of a challenge but I have ultimately determined that this inner peace I’m experiencing can be attributed to a smooth transition into this whole new world. And yes, I did just reference Aladdin.
Anyway, with all of that being said, I have a positive outlook on my future in the PR world and look forward to all I will learn and experience as well as how I will mature within this industry.

Until next time, your fledgling freshman, 


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Ultimate Wish List for the Holidays

I know it isn't even Thanksgiving yet, but I had a paper due, so naturally I spent a good chunk of my time online shopping. I came across some super adorable and also super odd things that would make the perfect student gifts, or gifts for siblings, or gifts for yourself. Yeah, sometimes I treat myself with a gift. Who knows your taste better than you, right?

So here we go, my ultimate wish list. First up, real things that would actually make decent gifts.

1. Watches. I have a slight obsession with watches, or anything I can wear on my wrist, for that matter. Michael Kors has some really cute watches, but they aren't always at a super convenient price point. If you want to peep some great Kors wrist candy and some similar (but wayyyy less expensive) options, look no further than my favorite website of all time: ASOS.

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

I chose watches with tortoise shell detail because I think it's both visually interesting and chic. Also, it matches my glasses. So there's that.

2. Planners. As future PR people, it's important to always stay on top of everything. For those of you who are a little bit old fashioned like me, a real agenda--not something from your phone--is an ABSOLUTE NECESSITY. My picks for what could be one of the most perfect and practical student gifts:

Photo Credit
This gem of a planner comes from May Books (site linked underneath the photo) and is super customizable. Not only can you choose from a crazy huge assortment of colors and designs (navy chevron is my absolute favorite), but you can customize the inner pages to fit whatever needs you have. You can even personalize it with a monogram for an extra special touch!

3. Cosmetics. There is no better place to shop in the winter than Sephora. That might be a slight enormous over exaggeration. But their holiday sets are always pleasers and that's why they land themselves on the Under PRessure ultimate wish list. 

Photo Credit
I'm a little more than obsessed with nail polish. My sister and I have dubbed the period between 8 and 10 pm on Mondays "Manicure Monday." We sit on the floor in our apartment, choose our color of the week, and go crazy. It's a lot less lame than it sounds. Point is, this set (or any like it) is an amazing gift for the beauty guru in your life. And if you're feeling spendy, send one my way. Kidding! (No, but really.)

4. Sweaters. Guys, I really love J. Crew. And sweaters. I feel like a good, comfy, oversized sweater is an amazing thing to give as a gift or to receive. So peep this bit of loveliness and add it to your holiday wish list.

Photo Credit
This slouchy and ultra-chic bit of wonderfulness comes in three colors. In case you were wondering, I'm a medium. I know this isn't supposed to be all about things I want, but I can't help myself.

5. Scarves. If the person you're gifting is into things that are chic yet practical, look no further than a luxurious scarf or three. Scarves can transform outfits in a way no other accessory can. 

Photo Credit
Simple, chic, and functional, this scarf absolutely deserves to be on this holiday ultimate wish list. It's so neutral and perfect. Love.

And now, on to the category of the absolutely crazy. There's only one item in this section, and it's so ridiculous, you're going to wonder why it's even sold in gift sections.

For a mere $132, you can gift the loved one in your life with a crash diet kit. Appetite suppressants and skin tightening cream included. I'm going to give you a second to stomach that little bit of info


And, here it is:

Photo Credit

The link below the picture has the product info, in case, you know, you need a subtle yet hard-hitting way to tell someone they need to lose that holiday weight. 

So, there you have it. The Under PRessure ultimate wish list for the holidays. I've brought you perfect student gifts, friend gifts, sister gifts, and a touch of crazy. Enjoy the holiday season and happy shopping!



Monday, November 12, 2012

Monthly Mani: Mirror Metallics

As a future PR maven, it's important to look put together. This is especially important when it comes to your hands--you'll be meeting people, shaking hands, working with papers--and it's super important to have a nice manicure. This is a monthly series that will show you perfect colors so you can always be polished.

"No Place Like Chrome"
The holiday season is upon us and 'tis the season to be festive. The easiest, chicest way to be festive without looking tacky is metallics. Instead of wearing standard gold or silver bangles or a cocktail ring, opt for bold metallic polish.

Check out Essie's newest collection, Mirror Metallics. This five-color collection brings you mirror metallic polish just in time for the holiday season. For Thanksgiving try out "Penny Talk," and for Christmas pair your favorite LBD with "No Place Like Chrome" or "Good As Gold."

If you're sick of the silver-and-gold standard, try "Blue Rhapsody" or "Penny Talk." A wintery blue or a warm bronze will fit the holiday season just fine.

Give your manicure an edge by adding a contrasting french tip. A matte red or black with silver or gold is a winning combination for Christmas cocktail parties or the annual family soiree.

What looks are you wearing for the holiday season? Let us know! Or tweet us a pic of your best holiday mani!

Until next time...


Your Girls Under PRessure

Thursday, November 8, 2012

On Coffee Friends

Photo Credit

I have acquaintances in class, from work, and from church. I have friends from the same places. And then I have this little niche of people in my life that are in between. They're my coffee friends.

If the concept of coffee friends is either unfamiliar to you or seems weird, you're probably not alone. Here's my definition: a coffee friend is someone you used to be close with or are just getting to know. These are the people to whom you may say, "Let's do coffee soon!" without actually intending to do so. It doesn't even necessarily need to be coffee, but that's a popular sentiment. Now that you've read that, I'm sure a lightbulb is going off in your mind and a list of your coffee friends is flooding your brain. Was I right?

These people are actually pretty important whether or not you actually dole out the time to get together. They're a way to network, to feel comfortable if s/he is the only person you know in an unfamiliar place, and to meet new people. All of those things seem really exploitative. That's not how I intend them to be. These are people who you're friendly with, and you probably know each other better than acquaintances. It's always good to keep connections with the people you've met, and developing and more importantly, acting on these coffee friendships is a great way to do so.

Do you have any coffee friends? How do you keep in touch with those in your growing network?



Tuesday, November 6, 2012


It's that wonderful time that happens every four years: Election Day. No matter what party your views align with, make sure you get out there and vote!


Girls Under PRessure

Monday, November 5, 2012

Coffee Talk

Welcome to Coffee Talk, the first post of a series but  our 100th post on this blog (yay us!). This is a series that pops up every time we have a second to hang out and grab a coffee. An exclusive look into our brains and everyday occurrences, we hope this series is as fun to you as these outings are for us!

Starbucks Coffee Drinks
Coffee date with @esabak.

Outing: October 27

As per usual our favorite topic of conversation is internships. We talked about our weeks and the lessons we learn each and every day we head into the office. Our lessons from this time around:

  • Menial tasks happen and we have to be ok with doing them
  • Writers block also happens, and in the office it's imperative to push through it
  • Some of the people we deal with are the topics of super funny conversations. Soak in the experience
  • People will make bets on whether or not you have a coffee addiction. Don't be that girl. Elise is that girl.
What we ordered (because we know you were wondering):

Elise: Salted Caramel Mocha
Jasmine: Passion Fruit Iced Tea (Sweetened)

So this was our pre-halloween and we hope this series is the perfect way for you to really get to know who we are as people...not just as students and future professionals.


Girls Under PRessure

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Constructive Distraction: The Daily Beast

Procrastination doesn't have to be a total waste of time. This monthly post highlights websites to make your time avoiding research papers and textbooks productive. 

Because election day is less than a week away, it's only appropriate we feature a news source as November's Constructive Distraction. Drum roll please; we present to you: The Daily Beast.

This popular daily news site was founded in 2008, and then merged with Newsweek in early 2011. The Daily Beast features news stories from its writers as well as Newsweek's writers. Its current events and election coverage has been phenomenal. It was my first stop after each debate for the candidate fact check.

The best feature on TDB is the Cheat Sheet. It's smack-dab in the middle of the homepage, highlighting prominent stories and news you should read to keep up with current events. You can always have the Cheat Sheet emailed to you for more convenience. I do the latter, catching up with my world and national news while catching up on my industry news.

What are your top news sites? Let us know! We're always looking for engaging, well-written content.

Until next month...


Your Girls Under PRessure