Monday, October 15, 2012

A Frosh Outlook: Holding Your Weight

My name is Catia and I'm a freshman majoring in Public Relations at Wayne State University. In addition to being a student and social media addict, I play the role of Elise's little sister, and sometimes twin, but it depends who you ask. This is a series I will contribute to once a month, discussing my life as a freshman.

For being 18, I've learned a pretty good amount of life lessons. Most of these lessons came from my time in high school, where I wore a number of hats including: Student Council President, National Honor Society member, and most importantly, my senior year, Varsity Cheerleading co-captain.

I'm probably going to talk about cheer a was a major part of my life for four years. But there's one lesson I learned, especially as a base: HOLD YOUR WEIGHT.

If a flyer didn't hold her weight and the bases didn't hold their portion of their flyer's weight, the stunt group would crumble. This same principle applies to any group or team situation in life. Whether it's a group project, a team assignment at an internship, or co-worker relationships, it's absolutely necessary to hold your weight. And, as unpopular as this may seem, sometimes you have to compensate and throw in a little extra to keep your group up. And you're not always going to get recognized for that extra weight you have to carry.

Wouldn't you rather be the person to be relied on than the one who can't hold her weight? Let me know what you think!


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