Monday, August 20, 2012

Ramen Noodle Diet: Week 3

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For back-to-school month, a weekly post dedicated to money-saving tips from college kids for college kids.

Although the post title suggests otherwise, I'm not proposing the literal Ramen noodle diet, aka: eating cheap, unhealthy, never-expiring, Americanized, Asian noodles for four years because you're a broke mofo. I'm suggesting you cut down spending in non-health compromising ways.

This week's topic: food.

Since this post is dubbed the Ramen Noodle Diet, I should touch on the category Ramen falls into: food. 

There are a few ways you can save money on food:

  • Buy generic. If available, buy the store, or generic, brand. Of course, not all stores offer an generic option for everything and sometimes the name brand is just better.
  • Buy in bulk. Depending how much storage, how many roommates and how you split food, buying in bulk can be a money waster. But, in most cases, bulk is the way to go. Just choose wisely what you stock up on.
  • Everyone's favorite option: eat at home. By home, I mean your parents' house. A lot of college kids take advantage of this option. But for students more than a few miles from home, this isn't option. So suck it up, hit the grocery store and buy generic. 
Remember ladies and lads, you're spending a ton of money (unless you received a lot of scholarship dollars) on your education. Cut corners whenever and wherever you can.

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