Monday, August 13, 2012

Ramen Noodle Diet: Week 2

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For back-to-school month, a weekly post dedicated to money-saving tips from college kids for college kids.

Although the post title suggests otherwise, I'm not proposing the literal Ramen noodle diet, aka: eating cheap, unhealthy, never-expiring, Americanized, Asian noodles for four years because you're a broke mofo. I'm suggesting you cut down spending in non-health compromising ways.

This week's topic: discounts.

The target market for most products and services is ages 18 - 25. People in that target market, typically, have thousands of dollars invested in higher education. Brands, companies and stores know their market doesn't have extra spending money. For that reason, they usually create incentive programs, discount cards and promotions.

Can't find these discounts?

Try your university's student center or student services website.

Wayne State partners with a lot of local businesses to offer discounts on everything from food to hotel rooms

The stipulation, typically, is you have to show your student ID. Which shouldn't be an issue since you already carry it daily. WSU even provides key chain card holders for students.

Think of the untapped savings. Go forth, dig deep and find discounts. Happy hunting, ladies and lads!

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