Monday, August 6, 2012

Ramen Noodle Diet: Week 1

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For back-to-school month, a weekly post dedicated to money-saving tips from college kids for college kids.

Although the post title suggests otherwise, I'm not proposing the literal Ramen noodle diet, aka: eating cheap, unhealthy, never-expiring, Americanized, Asian noodles for four years because you're a broke mofo. I'm suggesting you cut down spending in non-health compromising ways.

This week's topic: drinking.

Not drinking in university is as easy squeezing into pants three sizes too small. The odds are extremely slim, no pun intended, it's going to happen. While alcohol isn't a necessity in college. It just often happens: happy hour after work, beers during the game, a glass of wine with dinner, a last minute invite to a BYOB party and the list could continue.

Here's a few ways to cut down on your booze budget:
  • Host BYOB parties. Make sure you clearly state your party is BYOB. That way you don't have to feel obligated to serve guests that "forgot" or didn't read the invitation. If you want extra host points, provide mixers. Mixers are cheap and won't make your wallet scream.
  • Stay in for happy hour. Instead of hitting the bar after work, grab a bottle wine, your friends and head back to your place for happy hour at home.
  • Swap cocktails for beer. No need to downgrade from your favorite mixed drink to Bud Light. Look into flavored beers. Leinenkugel is my favorite. They have a great selection of flavored beers. Also ask about local brews. Those are often great tasting and cheaper than the $9 cocktail, but better tasting than mass-bottled, light beer.
What ways do you save on alcohol? What ways do you save money, in general? Let us know! We love reader input!

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