Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Monthly Mani: DIY Glitter Polish

Found via Tumblr
As a future PR maven, it's important to look put together. This is especially important when it comes to your hands--you'll be meeting people, shaking hands, working with papers--and it's super important to have a nice manicure. This is a monthly series that will show you perfect colors so you can always be polished.

Glitter polish is one the latest nail trends. The best occasions to sport this trend are special events and holidays. Also, like all quality polish, glitter polish can be expensive.

While pinning or stumbling, I can't remember which, I found a pictorial for DIY, glitter nail polish. Unfortunately, I cannot find exact the pictorial, but Googling DIY glitter polish will garner tons of results.

The steps are simple:
  • Grab a clear coat polish
  • Make a paper funnel
  • Add desired about of glitter to polish
  • Stir/shake
Now you have homemade glitter nail polish.

Give it a try. Let us know how it works.

What nail trends are you wearing? We're always looking for suggestions. Send us an email or tweet!


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