Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back to School: UPR News and Announcements!

And so it begins. Today marks the start of another school year. As geeky as it may seem, I always look forward to buying school supplies and the thrill of the first days of class. Call me a dork, but I love it. And now I'm in my third year, which is absolutely crazy and unbelievable. Seriously, where has the time gone?

Part of my school shopping this year was my new apartment, which I share with my younger sister, a brand new college girl. She's more excited to be in Detroit than I am, which is great because she keeps the environment positive (and pretty...she has a great eye).

A wannabe PR girl, my sister Catia will be a monthly contributor for Under PRessure this school year, and Jasmine and I are really excited. Though we have yet to name the segment, Cat's contributions are going to be perfect for the PR girl to-be.

So now that that announcement is out of my system, some other news. I'm finally going to get some of my PR classes in this semester, and I'm beyond excited to share what I'm learning with you, our darling readers. This summer has also been an amazing learning experience, so expect some bits of wisdom to come your way. I'd really like to work up some new segments (suggestions welcome!) and we're working on making our tried and true ones even better (if that's even possible...kidding). Get ready, because this is going to be quite a year.

And as always, your feedback is beyond welcome! Tweet at us, comment, email us, tell us what you want to see more of here on Under PRessure.

Have a wonderful school year!



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