Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The PR Playlist- Elise's Picks (A Top 10 List)

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There's nothing that gets me through a long day, a paper writing marathon, tedious errands, or major traffic quite like a phenomenal playlist. As future PR/editing/media marketing girls (and guys), we're probably going to need some crazy good music to get us through stressful days at school and work. So I thought I'd share a few songs that make my day a little brighter, more fun, and ultimately, more productive...because good music = good day.

I have quirky taste in music, so I jump around from genre to genre a lot in one playlist. And in typical Elise style, I feel the need to justify all of my choices. You love it.

1. Settle Down- No Doubt (or anything No Doubt, for that matter). Gwen Stefani is a rockstar.

2.Australia- The Shins. It's just really good.

3.Chasing the Sun- The Wanted. This is my summer song.

4.Radio and Lolita- Lana Del Rey. I know. Don't hate me. Girl has a slight obsession with Nabokov. I don't hate it.

5.Mercy- Kanye West. This is my rap jam. (I think I just lost any musical credibility I ever had with that statement...)

6.Oxford Comma- Vampire Weekend. Because it reminds me that I'm an English major and that I really, really like Vampire Weekend.

7.Patricia the Stripper- The Wombats. Favorite song by my favorite band. Fun but unnecessary fact: this song has the most plays on my iPod. Wish I could justify why I needed to share that.

8.Ma Cherie- DJ Antoine. Because no playlist for a future PR girl is complete without a little EDM. Am I right? I am, because this has played more times than I can count during my workday(s).

9.If You Wanna- The Vaccines. This is the song that gets me through afternoon lulls.

10.I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You- Black Kids. Un-PC name, really good song.

So that's my top 10. There are probably a million one more songs that I could throw onto here, so expect another post when the school year starts.

Have a wonderful day, my PR lovelies! I look forward to hearing some of your favorite songs via the comments and twitter!



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