Monday, June 25, 2012

From Weakness to Strength

It's been a while since we've done a top 10 here on Under PRessure! Nonetheless, we have a great one for you today.

Everyone has their weaknesses. Ours range from lack of patience to punctuality. But it's the ability to turn these weaknesses around and use them to amp up our strengths that is a sign of our true prowess as future PR or editing or publishing professionals. So here we go, the Top 10 weaknesses and ways to turn a them into strengths:


1. Night Owl: The night owl is up all night and drowsy all day, leading to some rough mornings and possible low productivity.

2. "Yes" (wo)man: (S)he has trouble saying no and usually ends up biting off more than (s)he can chew.

3. Miss Bossy: She's always been in charge and has trouble taking orders from the boss.

4. Control Freak: Wants everything to be done the way she wants it. It's her way or the highway.

5. No Patience: When she needs help, she needs it NOW and can't wait. This also causes issues during her rush hour commute.

6. Miss Super Positive: Being positive seems like a strength, but when you're always cheery and upbeat, it gets really annoying, really quickly.

7. The "No Personality" Intern/Employee: It's all work and no sense of humor with this one. She's dryer than toast.

8. Negative Nancy: Opposite of Miss Super Positive.

9. The Chronic Latecomer: Always late. Always has a lame excuse.

10. Miss CBF: What is CBF, you might be asking? It's Chronic B*tch Face. You know, the people that always look mean or mad but aren't? You don't want to be that girl.

Let's Make Some Strengths!

1. The Night Owl should try techniques to relax at night in order to fall asleep a bit earlier than normal. Can't possibly do that? Get a Starbucks gift card and register it so you can get rewards like free coffee that will help keep you fueled all day.

2. Always being willing to help is a great thing. But, you might end up with wayyyy too much on your plate. Work a bit on delegating tasks, or practice by saying "no, I don't have time, I'm so sorry" to one person each day.

3. The fact that you can delegate is fantastic! You're great at telling people what to do, but try picking up some stuff to do yourself, even better if it's something from the "yes" (wo)man.

4. Take a deep breath and realize everything can't go your way. Keep being meticulous, though, because that is definitely the strength to your weakness.

5. Just like the control freak, you need a deep breath or twelve. Put on some music that you like in the car to ease the pain of waiting in traffic and try to do other tasks while waiting for approval or feedback at work. By doing this, you increase productivity and become a superstar.

6. It's great that you're always looking on the brightside! Keep that positive outlook and sunny disposition, but fight the urge to constantly share it. You'll be less annoying and more enjoyed that way.

7. If there's anything worse than being dull, it's being secretly interesting. Find out what you might have in common and bring it up during breaks or your lunch hour. When people in the office can relate to you, it'll be a more positive and productive environment.

8. Take a look at your glass, and realize that it is, in fact, half full. Being negative won't get you anywhere. You don't have to become super positive, but looking on the bright side might give you a more REALISTIC perspective and therefore make you the levelheaded one in the office.

9. Set alarms. Set alarms. SET ALARMS! You son't want to ever be late for work. Try to work harder on being on time. Put forth some effort! If you're there on time or even a bit early, you'll increase productivity and be less flustered all day.

10. Chill out. We know you aren't really a super b*tch. Try smiling every once and a while to show that you really are a friendly person. But, don't melt all the way. Keep some of those stern looks, because they'll help in times where you really need to be taken seriously.

We hope these tips helped out and shed light on the many weaknesses. We wanted to provide some constructive criticism--not put anyone down--in order to help you build your strengths. Good luck!

Do you have one or many of these weaknesses? Did our tips help? Let us know!


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