Monday, June 25, 2012

From Weakness to Strength

It's been a while since we've done a top 10 here on Under PRessure! Nonetheless, we have a great one for you today.

Everyone has their weaknesses. Ours range from lack of patience to punctuality. But it's the ability to turn these weaknesses around and use them to amp up our strengths that is a sign of our true prowess as future PR or editing or publishing professionals. So here we go, the Top 10 weaknesses and ways to turn a them into strengths:


1. Night Owl: The night owl is up all night and drowsy all day, leading to some rough mornings and possible low productivity.

2. "Yes" (wo)man: (S)he has trouble saying no and usually ends up biting off more than (s)he can chew.

3. Miss Bossy: She's always been in charge and has trouble taking orders from the boss.

4. Control Freak: Wants everything to be done the way she wants it. It's her way or the highway.

5. No Patience: When she needs help, she needs it NOW and can't wait. This also causes issues during her rush hour commute.

6. Miss Super Positive: Being positive seems like a strength, but when you're always cheery and upbeat, it gets really annoying, really quickly.

7. The "No Personality" Intern/Employee: It's all work and no sense of humor with this one. She's dryer than toast.

8. Negative Nancy: Opposite of Miss Super Positive.

9. The Chronic Latecomer: Always late. Always has a lame excuse.

10. Miss CBF: What is CBF, you might be asking? It's Chronic B*tch Face. You know, the people that always look mean or mad but aren't? You don't want to be that girl.

Let's Make Some Strengths!

1. The Night Owl should try techniques to relax at night in order to fall asleep a bit earlier than normal. Can't possibly do that? Get a Starbucks gift card and register it so you can get rewards like free coffee that will help keep you fueled all day.

2. Always being willing to help is a great thing. But, you might end up with wayyyy too much on your plate. Work a bit on delegating tasks, or practice by saying "no, I don't have time, I'm so sorry" to one person each day.

3. The fact that you can delegate is fantastic! You're great at telling people what to do, but try picking up some stuff to do yourself, even better if it's something from the "yes" (wo)man.

4. Take a deep breath and realize everything can't go your way. Keep being meticulous, though, because that is definitely the strength to your weakness.

5. Just like the control freak, you need a deep breath or twelve. Put on some music that you like in the car to ease the pain of waiting in traffic and try to do other tasks while waiting for approval or feedback at work. By doing this, you increase productivity and become a superstar.

6. It's great that you're always looking on the brightside! Keep that positive outlook and sunny disposition, but fight the urge to constantly share it. You'll be less annoying and more enjoyed that way.

7. If there's anything worse than being dull, it's being secretly interesting. Find out what you might have in common and bring it up during breaks or your lunch hour. When people in the office can relate to you, it'll be a more positive and productive environment.

8. Take a look at your glass, and realize that it is, in fact, half full. Being negative won't get you anywhere. You don't have to become super positive, but looking on the bright side might give you a more REALISTIC perspective and therefore make you the levelheaded one in the office.

9. Set alarms. Set alarms. SET ALARMS! You son't want to ever be late for work. Try to work harder on being on time. Put forth some effort! If you're there on time or even a bit early, you'll increase productivity and be less flustered all day.

10. Chill out. We know you aren't really a super b*tch. Try smiling every once and a while to show that you really are a friendly person. But, don't melt all the way. Keep some of those stern looks, because they'll help in times where you really need to be taken seriously.

We hope these tips helped out and shed light on the many weaknesses. We wanted to provide some constructive criticism--not put anyone down--in order to help you build your strengths. Good luck!

Do you have one or many of these weaknesses? Did our tips help? Let us know!


Girls Under PRessure

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Intern Fashion

With college comes internships. Whether it's talking about them, searching for them, they're unescapable. But hopefully by now, you've snagged a gig and are endlessly happy. With that dream gig comes questions, though. One of the most frequently asked questions: WHAT DO I WEAR?!

Most sites say to dress formally, in dresses or suits. There aren't really many, if any, that show how to showcase your personality without forgoing personality. So today we've decided to tackle this common issue.

If you're at a company with a pretty chill policy, first, consider yourself one of the luckiest interns alive, and next, don't take advantage of the privilege. We have some guidelines and ideas on how to go about the what-to-wear-to-intern debacle.

1. Ask the dress code! This seems like common sense, but there's no telling how many people forget to ask and end up embarrassed at being underdressed. It's always a safe bet to ask, and after a few weeks, I'm sure you'll be able to pick up on the things that may be questionable. It's your best bet to err on the side of overdressed in the beginning also.

2. Watch it with hair and makeup. Regardless of how lax your dress code is, be super careful when it comes to hair and makeup. Bed head may look cute with your outfit and you may love rocking a bold red lip, but those looks don't translate well to an office environment. The only exception is for makeup, and that's if you're in a beauty related industry.

3. Ideas. Here are two great looks to give you some inspiration.

Casual Internship Look
This is a more casual look for the office. Notice that the colors are simple and neutral and you're covered, for the most part in a blouse and black skinny pants. Heels are a great addition to this, and these Jeffrey Campbells are amaze! But, heels might not always be the best choice, especially if you're running around, so be mindful of your environment and tasks. This would be a great choice for a Friday, when dress codes are relaxed a bit and you can get away with a casual look.

Everyday Internship Look
This look is a bit more formal and appropriate for every day. The dress poses a slight issue, as it's a bit low cut, and it would be in your best interest to wear a camisole under it. Also, many companies are not proponents of sleeveless items, so tote along a sweater (some offices are freezing, too!). It's a good idea to make sure the straps of sleeveless items are at least the width of three fingers as well. Notice that we added some practical flats in a punchy animal print to add some flair and personality to this mostly black look.

As far as jewelry, notice that for the wrist we included watches. This is because unlike bangles, they don't annoyingly clank together as you write, type, or complete tasks. Cuff bracelets would work just as well, seeing as they are a singular item. We also included stud earrings which are cute, but not too flashy.

We hope these guidelines help you when getting ready for your internship. And remember, when in doubt, don't wear it. Good luck and happy shopping!


Girls Under PRessure

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Industry Insiders: @LAKings

A bi-weekly series profiling insiders in the fashion, beauty, sports, public relations and media industries (editors, PR girls, etc.) whose successes in the industry is beyond inspirational.

The 2012 NHL Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles Kings have the sassiest Twitter handle in the hockey.

I'm contemplating moving to Los Angeles for a chance to intern. I'm not even sure they accept interns, but this social media team is fantastic and I want to learn from the best.
But, this witty handle isn't a public relations extension. The Kings consider it part of their marketing department.


Remember kiddies, public relations and marketing/advertising go hand-in-hand. Earned media and bought media are needed to open the success door.

Mashable named @LAKings the NHL Twitter Champion and backed up that claim.

Aside from poking fun at fellow tweeters who dare to jab the clever handle and trading upper cuts with other teams' handles, it pokes fun at the local traditional media for their lack of knowledge of Canada'a national sport and the team that's called the city home for 45 years. @LAKings is also light-hearted and able to make fun itself. Re: charging tweet.

The Kings' twitter handle has shown us two important things: 1. Don't be afraid to show some personality. People will like you. 2. Social media is a form of two-way communication and you should treat it as such.

The Kings get to spend the summer toting Lord Stanley's Cup around the globe to their homelands, so give @LAKings a follow and see what shenanigans get posted!

Until next month...


Your Girls Under PRessure

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What Would Coco Do?

This is a brilliant article based on Coco Chanel's famous advice:

"Before you head out the door, take one thing off."

Post author, Denise Graveline, breaks down "taking one thing off" your pitch presentation. "Less is more" doesn't only apply to fashion!

Of course, this also applies to school-level presentations. It's a short read, but worth the few minutes!

Rock out, kiddies!
- Jasmine

Monday, June 11, 2012

Monthly Mani: Caviar Nails

Photo and quote
courtesy of Ciaté.com
As a future PR maven, it's important to look put together. This is especially important when it comes to your hands--you'll be meeting people, shaking hands, working with papers--and it's super important to have a nice manicure. This is a monthly series that will show you perfect colors so you can always be polished.

 Ciaté's creative director, the London company responsible for the latest nail fascination, wanted something 3-D for a cover photo shoot and brainstormed the caviar manicure.

This look is "feminine, indulgent yet delicately extravagant" and it's time consuming. It should be reserved for special events.

The Ciaté, two-step kit is available online for $25 at Sephora and, for those outside the United States, at Ciaté. Unfortunately, Ciaté's online store is often out of stock, so you have to check back frequently. The kits can also be found on Amazon and similar sites for a higher price.

However, you can get this look for less and in a wider variety of colors. Just pick up micro-beads from your local craft store. Mirco-beads usually come six colors in a package for under $10. And you can use polish you already own for the base.

Tutorials are abundant on the Web for caviar manis, so instead of boring you with a step-by-step, just Google the process when you're ready to try this trend!

What nail craze are you into? Let us know! We're always looking for ideas for Monthly Manis!


Your Girls Under Pressure

Friday, June 8, 2012

Constructive Distraction: PR News

Procrastination doesn't have to be a total waste of time. This monthly post highlights websites to make your time avoiding research papers and textbooks productive.

PR ladies and lads, I apologize for being late with this month's Constructive Distraction. Work, summer classes, interning and life other hurdles have been eating all my time. Surprisingly, I've been busier during summer than I am during the regular school year. I can't believe it!

Onto our regularly scheduled post:

via PR News
PR News

This site was featured in last week's Five Websites You Should Frequent post.

In that post, I described PR News as a catchall for the public relations industry. The breadth of the site is fantastic. You can find how PR ties into current events, professional advice, intern advice and the newest techniques in PR.

Two articles I found extremely interesting related to the PR success of Mayor Bloomberg's soft drink ban and how Wrigley's needs to respond to the involvement of Skittles in the Treyvon Martin protests.

Most of the articles are short, easy reads but still filled with great bits of information.

So, check it out. Something will pique your interest.

Until next month...


Your Girls Under PRessure

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Industry Insiders: The Interns of

We're taking a slightly different route with today's Industry Insider, partly because it's more than one person, partly because it leans more toward magazine editing than PR, and partly because the identities of said interns are undisclosed.

WHAT?! Yeah, you read that right. We don't actually know who these interns/insiders are, just that they either fall into the categories of fashion, features, editorial, etc. and we think it's a little slice of fabulous. is a website that leads students into the magazine job market, and the blog focuses on making you a standout intern by providing real testimony from current interns in the business. Their mindset totally aligns with great as information from execs and current members of the PR/publishing/editorial world is, sometimes you need to hear about the fields from someone like you, who is forging forward into these areas as a student or intern.

Take a minute to check out We definitely recommend it for current interns and interns-to-be!


Girls Under PRessure

Monday, June 4, 2012

Let's Be Productive

The more time I spend writing for this blog, the more I feel the need to open up a bit more and let you into my world. Today, that's exactly what I intend on doing.

So far, you've seen the silly, serious, and sentimental sides that build the incredibly random but surely lovely package that is Elise. But, even more than all of those things, I am a super Type A personality who may or may not have OCD. I'll never be sure because to be perfectly honest, I'm afraid I'm actually going to have it. But I digress....

My Type A personality helps me get through the most hectic times. I have planners and calendars scattered everywhere and am a champion to-do list maker. Sometimes, though, I get on the route of procrastination (ahem...Instagram) and I don't quite accomplish everything I must, leading to a breakdown which may or may not end with the "ugly cry." (Hint: it usually does.)

About a year ago, I stumbled upon a website that would change my levels of productivity forever. It's called Every day at about 6p.m. I get an email asking me what I've done that day. I simply respond and send and the information gets tracked in my calendar. Ever since, I've managed to be increasingly productive each day because the reminder email forces me to be accountable for each task I set out to do that day. 

I strongly recommend that you have a go at this! No, they aren't sponsoring this post. I just feel that when I find something I love that helps me become a better student/person/future publishing (or PR) girl, I need to share it with everyone in my situation. 

Challenge of the day: Let's be productive! And let me know what you think!



Friday, June 1, 2012

Five Sites to Frequent

Hello, guys and dolls!

Public relations falls under the communication umbrella and an important aspect of communication is knowledge. Knowledge is power, but you have to know where to look to harness your power. Below are five websites to help budding PR professionals do just that!

1. Quality news websites (New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Huffington Post, etc.)
As a future PR girl and current communication student, my professors are constantly reminding me to "be a consumer of news." Consuming news is not only about knowing what's going on in the world, but also reading well-written articles that will help your writing skills.

2. The PR News
The is a great outlet for PR students and professionals. Whatever you want to read about, PR related, can be found on this site.

3. The Daily Beast
This site, an offshoot of Newsweek, is a great way to keep up with the world. My favorite feature is the "Cheat Sheet"-- a list of "must reads from all over." You can even have it sent to your inbox.

4. Mashable
A site dedicated to social media and technology news. It's a great way to keep up with the ever-changing social media landscape, stay on par with the latest and greatest tech toys and stay "in the know" with technology.

5. Deadspin
As an aspiring PR girl breaking into the sports industry, Deadspin is a guilty pleasure. Deadspin covers all things sports: personnel profiles, player profiles, player exploits, team mishaps and it writes stories most news outlets won't.

What websites do you read daily? Let us know!

Rock out, kiddies!

- Jasmine