Friday, May 18, 2012

Never Grow Up

When it comes to music, I don't have super particular taste, but I've never been able to warm up to Taylor Swift as much as most people I know. This is to the chagrin of my youngest sister, who is a super-fan. Yes, she dresses in the most quirky-chic way and she's super sweet, I get it.

I have her most recent album on my iPod, and recently, I was studying and listening to my songs on shuffle when her song "Never Grow Up" came on. I sat at the table and cried. For a really long time. 

It kind of brought to light how quickly time has been moving. I'm half way done with my undergrad career. I'm going for internships. I spend tons of time writing and building my brand. I'm turning 20 in a few months. I'm beginning to make all of these grown up decisions that a few years ago, I was itching to make. The only thing is that the more I need to make them, the less I'm ready. In elementary school I couldn't wait until middle school, in middle school I wanted high school, in high school, I literally counted down the days until college. And now I'm looking at grad schools and other programs and I'm scared. 

It's an admission I've been reluctant to make, but now that I have to make tons of decisions for myself, I realize that "growing up" is not all that I thought it would be. But, we all have to do it sometime, and I guess I'll just take it in stride. 

This song is really, cute, though, and it got me thinking about all of these things. The lesson, really, is this: take things in stride, and don't wish yourself out of where you are now. Even if it's not superfab (you guys know by now that I can't wait to move to a bigger city), you're going to miss this time further down the road. 

Wishing you love and an appreciation of "the now,"


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