Monday, May 14, 2012

Learning Never Stops

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It's summer! I'm finished with all of my classes, my grades are in, and I'm a happy girl. But with the start of summer does come work, internships, and a host of other things that are probably leaving you super tired. Even though you may want to revel in every free bit of time you have, summer isn't a time to halt the learning process. Whether or not you're taking a summer class, here are a few ways to integrate some education into your summer (painlessly, of course)!

1. Read: I don't care what you read, but whatever it is enhances your education in some way. Every summer I make a huge list of novels I want to read and try to cut down the list as much as I can.

2. Keep up with the news: It doesn't take super long to turn on the TV in the morning or to simply check headlines online. Keeping up with the news helps you stay informed with what's going locally, nationally, or internationally, and is VITAL especially during this election year.

3. Write: As college students, we all know how large of a role writing plays in our lives. We are forever writing papers, articles, even writing for research. Spending a few minutes a day to brush up on your writing skills will only help once the fall semester rolls around.

4. Try something new: Occasionally, I use HTML to format my posts or the layout when things on the blog aren't working out quite right. I'm not super proficient, but I know enough to fix minor things. So, I decided to try my hand at JavaScript coding and am making attempts at learning more sophisticated HTML things. It's definitely not something that I'm used to, but one day, I'll be so glad that I took a day to learn it.

5. Take a stab at iTunes U: The other day, I got an email saying that Yale was offering open classes on iTunes U. This made my dream of going Ivy League a somewhat reality, so at this moment, I'm downloading the topic that seemed most interesting to me. Better yet, it coordinates with a class I signed up for in the fall, so I will be unbelievably prepared.

Try out any or all of these tips to keep learning going throughout the summer. It's a good way to get ahead either in school or to develop a skill that you never had time to during the school year.



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