Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It's That Time Again...

Hey, guys! Sorry, finals week put us on a small hiatus. But Elise and I are back from the vast depths of the library and back on normal sleep schedules. In celebration of the conclusion of finals week, I give you:
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To the relief of many--except those of us taking spring classes--the end of the traditional school year has come. The only thing left to worry about, as you're packing up your dorm or preparing for 40-hour-work weeks, is final grades.

For me, the battle is already over. While content with my grades, I know there is room for improvement. There is always room for improvement.

Fortunately, at an early age I learned how to get over an unsatisfactory grade. But I know a lot of people still have a hard time dealing a grade they find unacceptable.

First thing is first: It's nearly impossible to four-point in college. Kudos to those who do, but you need to be realistic with yourself. Especially if you're in math- or science-related major. I've yet to meet a person who has aced organic chemistry without a massive curve.

Secondly, remember you earned that grade. Ask yourself: Did you take advantage of all extra credit opportunities? Did you take notes during class? Did you study or cram for the final? Use your answers to these questions to help you achieve better grades next semester; you'll be surprised what minor adjustments to your study habits will do.

And yes you do want a nice GPA to place next to your graduation date on your résumé, but remember that most employers are looking for experience. Other sections--volunteering, internships, specialized classes, etc.--on your résumé will speak volumes about your work ethic and skill set. Not everyone was craved for classroom learning.

So instead of getting in a post-semester slump, think about why you earned that grade, look for ways to improve next semester and then move on.

The future is waiting!

Rock out, kiddies!
- Jasmine

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